The Enemy Within is the Public Schools

By: Diane Benjamin

The Fordham Institute examined education in all 50 states for content in Civics and History.

Illinois was given an F, as in failing to education in both areas

Illinois begins on PDF page 122:


Grand Finale:

Tell me why the people running the Illinois State Board of Education and everyone who participated in this charade shouldn’t be charged with TREASON!

Your kids never learn about American exceptionalism, the miracle of defeating the British Army, never see the founding documents, and never hear the stories of those who gave everything so we can be free.

See what failing states are doing wrong – PDF page 25.

See what great states are doing right – PDF page 31.

A list of how all states place starts on PDF page 22.

The only reason not to adequately teach history and civics is to make future adults ignorant about their country. Socialism, communism, and Marxism are so much easier when kids don’t understand freedom and liberty.

I call that treason!

Happy July 4th, your kids won’t even know what it means if they attended a school that followed ISBE standards.

Check your property tax bill. They are charging you to make sure your children don’t grow up free. If you don’t feel betrayed, what does it take? Better yet, what are you going to do about it?

3 thoughts on “The Enemy Within is the Public Schools

  1. Another fine product of the public sector union system, a voter recruitment division of democrat politics.

  2. It’s absolutely dismal, I know quite a few kids and there are only about 3 who are not abysmally ignorant when it comes to history, civics and geography, and that’s because they have involved parents and also strong curiosity. They also lack effective research skills in many instances so even though they can work all of the gadgets they don’t seem to know how to do actual research on their own on any of them, and most don’t even have any desire to know anything to be honest. Not nurturing a kid’s innate curiosity is in itself a disservice to them. Now and then I can inject enough curiosity in some that they will later come and tell me things they have found out about and they are often astounded. It’s nice to see the failing states like Illinois are at least being called for thie utter failure out by some academic institute.

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