Town of Normal Needs Shamed Again!

By: Diane Benjamin Remember this story? Instead of fixing problems – or even responding to citizens with problems – Normal plans to use storm water funds to build the underpass. Is every sewer separated from storm water in the Town of Normal? It is required to prevent backup sewage problems in heavy rains. If the rain wasn’t combining with the sewage – backups wouldn’t be possible. Know where Maplewood Drive is?
South of Jersey and north of Emmerson
Basements flooded with sewage in the same area last year, the Town of Normal did nothing to fix the problem.  One family I spoke to sent an email to the entire Council after their basement flooded again, no surprise – only Stan Nord responded. The family that sent the picture below had 3 feet of sewage in their basement after last weeks rains.  It destroyed the washer and dryer, the furnace, the hot water heater, and many personal items.  These pictures are after the flood receded.  Sewage came in through drains and a toilet, they aren’t the only area family affected.  Last year the damage was $25,000, they expect this flood to cost $50,000. Remember the water problems in the Oakdale-Ruston-Grove area?  The Town of Normal had to be shamed into fixing the problems.  Evidently they have to be shamed into fixing this sewer system too.

I bet fixing wouldn’t take long if this had happened to anybody on the Council.  

Maybe Koos will schedule another “attack Stan” meeting for daring to respond to a citizens.  Koos has been “unavailable” when they tried to reach him.

12 thoughts on “Town of Normal Needs Shamed Again!

  1. Koos, Reece, Lorenz, mccarthy, Cummings, Preston, Smith, should ALL hang their heads in shame. They are shirking their fiduciary responsibilities to the citizens who pay taxes. We’re it not for our tax money, they would have no money to build their utopia. They misspend tax money instead of replacing and fixing the inadequate sewer, storm, and water lines. If they continue to ignore this broken infrastructure, then they have decided, yet again, that the tax paying citizens on Normal are irrelevant.

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  2. The fact that the flood was a week ago and only Nord responded speaks volumes about why Pam and the other council bobble heads hate Stan so much. He dares to actually talk to and stand up for the citizens.

    Too bad for Normal residents the others have their head up Koos’ rear so far that they will build the Underpass before they fix the sewer. Bike paths are far more important than shit pouring into people’s homes.

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  3. Those pictures make me sick. I empathize with the family. It angers me that Normal continues to waste money on unnecessary glamour projects in Uptown while failing to provide adequate basic public services.

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  4. We should file a class action lawsuit for negligence. The council, Mayor and manager repeatedly fail to address problems leading to unhealthy conditions while wasting resources on bike trail expansion and other luxury items should have consequences. Pam Reece is paid over $250k and we have brown drinking water, repeat sewer backups, and a police force that runs away from looters-she should be fired for allowing this.


    1. First, the Town would defend the suit with taxpayer money so none of their personal assets would be on the line. Second, all BN attorneys are part of the local clique as are the council members so good luck finding a local attorney who would file it. One would need to research and find a good Chicago lawyer who would enjoy personally suing what they would see as some downstate hayseeds. Problem would be finding the legal loophole for suing someone for job incompetence personally with their own assets on the line and not the Town’s.

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  5. I had damage in Bloomington and was contacted right after reporting it. I know who is my assigned alderman and can raise h3!! and hold them accountable if the city is unresponsive. 2 questions…Why are Normal city staff not contacting people who report problems? And…Nord lives in North Normal and this place is in South Normal. Which alderman is directly responsible for this neighborhood?


  6. The EPA wants to see ongoing progress to remediate CSOs. So if a CSO project was budgeted for $5M and had to be cut to $1M, the EPA will be accommodative. But if like Peoria you say we’re lining out the entire CSO budget item, it ends up badly for the municipality. The is a “due date” to get rid of CSOs.

    “The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is threatening an $800,000 fine to Peoria, for what they say is a failure to resolve the combined sewage overflow problem”

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