Evidently minorities can get ID’s

By:  Diane Benjamin

For decades Voter ID laws have been blocked because opponents claim the minority vote would be negatively impacted.

Either this isn’t true or the State of Illinois is now discriminating against minorities.  January 1st everyone wanting to purchase legal cannabis in Illinois is required to show a government issued ID.

Who is lying?

waiting . . .waiting. . .  waiting . . .

Here’s the law:  http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs5.asp?ActID=3992&ChapterID=35

scan id

Who do you think is on the other end of that electronic scanning device?

Keep in mind this is Illinois where politicians think new gun laws prevent gun violence.  Obviously Chicago just doesn’t have enough laws yet.

Buy cannabis at your own 2A risk!

If you want to have some fun, read these Frequently Asked Questions about the new law:

IML: Frequently Asked Questions

This proves cannabis sales is not going to go well for law enforcement or the public.  Illinois exempted “smoke lounges” from the smoke Free Illinois Act.  See PDF page 21.

This is how a DUI will be decided, will cops be drawing blood themselves?

thc test

There are different rules for Illinois residents and non residents – See PDF page 30

It looks like law enforcement has to carry scales to measure grams and some kind of test kit to test the THC content.

Have fun reading the rest.  Obviously the intent is money, you have to be rich to get into the cannabis business.  Those people will only get richer.

Bloomington will be jumping into a mess of unintended consequences.  Jenn calls that “courage”.








9 thoughts on “Evidently minorities can get ID’s

  1. 5 nanograms in WHOLE BLOOD is traceable for 30 days. So IF someone did it 20 days ago, they COULD still be arrested. ANY comments Jen?
    As for a FOID card, NO, a person CANNOT possess guns/ammo and buy cannabis. I knew a person who taught gun safety courses, who was also eligible for medical cannabis, but they would have had their purchasing rights stripped, and this was a big part of their income, so they declined the card.

  2. Rather lengthy law. If you get your card swiped, does that mean that you cannot purchase
    ammunition ? And who has access to this information? Everybody from the town cop to the C.I.A. ? Does swiping your ID invalidate your FOID card ?
    This whole situation is the epitome of making a mountain out of a mole hill.
    Welcome to the Fourth Reich.

      1. Well your hilarious 1930’s “Reefer Madness” sticht does not match any research about cannabis and its effect. There are many countries that have legalized or decriminalized. cannabis for years without any further drug addictions problems or increase in crime. Medical cannabis use certainly has not increased drug use or crimes.

        Photo ID’s are an non-issue in voting since in person voter fraud is next to non-existent. It’s a problem in search of a solution. The fact is that voting is Constitutionally protected right. Having a license to sell pot certainly isn’t.

  3. From the medical cannabis law. I am assuming they will use the same system for recreational:
    “Verification system” means a Web-based system established and maintained by the Department of Public Health that is available to the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, law enforcement personnel, and registered medical cannabis dispensing organization agents on a 24-hour basis for the verification of registry identification cards, the tracking of delivery of medical cannabis to medical cannabis dispensing organizations, and the tracking of the date of sale, amount, and price of medical cannabis purchased by a registered qualifying patient.

  4. To speculate: it seems that about 25% of the people want pot to be legal, about 25% are profoundly opposed, and about 50% don’t care either way. In an apathetic democracy, a small minority rules.
    Are these new laws a covert way of starting firearms confiscation ? Maybe 20 to 25% of the population
    smokes pot. For one out four citizens to not be able to legally possess a firearm is a big step in gun control. And where does the National Rifle Association stand on this issue ? Is this debacle about pot regulation or about gun control ?

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