BCPA reports FINALLY posted

By:  Diane Benjamin

See the reports here:  https://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=23615

All of these are new event report postings:

10/22/19  The Phantom Carriage   <$1,438.41>  106 attended, zero for artist fees

11/5/19  The Four Italian Tenors   $7,581.21   308 attended, zero for artist fees

10/20/19  The Carol King Musical  $44,535.44  1113 attended, zero for artist fees

10/25/19  Southern Fried Comedy Chicks  $3,886.37  34 attended, zero for artist fees

11/17/19  Pirate Penelope: 100 Cats   <$1,144.25>  336 attended, zero for artist fees

10/2/19  MST3K – reported twice with two different profits:

$19,041.90  and $18,083.26 – 591 attended, no artist fees on either

10/26/19  Dave Rudolf: Kid’s Halloween  <$391.73>  131 attended, zero for artist fees

10/26/19  Dave Rudolf: British Invasion  $133.20  107 attended, zero for artist fees

10/17/19  BLACK VIOLIN  $17,511.51  622 attended, zero for artist fees

Today is December 11.  How well do you think the BCPA is managed when some of these events took place 2 months ago and just now got posted?

Where are the artist fees, none of these reports list them.  Does the BCPA not know those fees are on Bills and Payroll?  I can easily find them if necessary!

Are the profits before or after artist fees?






8 thoughts on “BCPA reports FINALLY posted

  1. Diane, just saw this. You might want to report on it? It gives no info on how long. Just says story will be updated

    BLOOMINGTON – Emergency 911 service in McLean County has been disrupted throughout the entire county and is unavailable.

    If you need emergency services and dialing 911 doesn’t work, call 309-888-5030 for Normal and McLean County agencies; call 309-820-8888 for the Bloomington Dispatch Center.

    Karol ________________________________

  2. And what about Naked Magicians? They were a bust last year but they are returning this year? That sounds like real bad management or something. Ha.

  3. Does anyone actually believe that any of these events make more than a nominal profit? $44,500 profit from an event?! Yeah, right. They do well as long as you don’t count the artist fee (i.e. labor costs). Must be a different pile of magical money for that expense.

  4. These are pathetic attendance numbers. I don’t know anyone who would want to go to any of these shows. The Four Italian Tenors? Really? The Carol King Musical? OMG! I thought it was 2019? The BCPA must have slipped into a break in the time space continuum and has moved into 1957? I know a good band from Champaign that could pack that place full of people. Oh that’s right…. the shows need to be acceptable “cultural” shows (read boring) that enhance the “arts and culture” in our community. I say if it fits in the space and makes money…. book it and make some money! FYI: BCPA, Make a profit or we are cutting you leeches loose from the taxpayer gravy train.

  5. Trouble–sounds like your tastes are not particularly wholesome or cultured. You should love the Naked Musicians. They are coming back, ya know.

    1. Not really wanting to see naked men…. but I am a business man who knows how to make money. The folks running the BCPA, DO NOT know how to make money (is this not obvious). Make some money kids – book some acts that will sell seats, as long as the taxpayers aren’t paying for this “cultural community asset”, I am good with what ever they want to put in that venue. Since we have bars, gambling, and pot bars soon, why not turn the BCPA into a strip club? It will still be “kind of” cultural asset! LOL

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