What were the “artist fees” for BCPA shows?

A READER put this together for me!  He took the show recaps in this story and looked up the artist fees:  https://blnnews.com/2019/12/11/bcpa-reports-finally-posted/

He saved me a lot of time, I really appreciate it.

A previous reader said the Pirate Penelope show didn’t have artist fees.

Since it appears the artist fees were not included in the event reports, including them now shows every show posted yesterday lost money.  Maybe the staff of the BCPA who jumped in for other stories will confirm.  If these fees are buried on the event reports, they should have made that clear.

Issuing reports months after events happen and leaving the artist fee line blank does nothing to promote trust and provide transparency.  Look up the ticket prices here:  https://www.artsblooming.org/events/calendar?cury=2019&curm=10&curd=31&curview=month

I don’t see the math making sense on the event reports posted without including the below.  I know they don’t want to advertise what they pay artists because it effects what future acts want.  Too bad, it isn’t your money.

BCPA Artist Fees (1)


9 thoughts on “What were the “artist fees” for BCPA shows?

  1. Slight correction – Carole King apparently still managed to make a whopping $621.45 after artist fees. Doesn’t come close to covering the thousands lost on other events, but should be mentioned for accuracy.

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  2. Yeah, Carole makes up for the “Southern Fried Comedy Girls” (don’t want to say Chicks, as JEN might find that offensive and make them change their name) ONLY 34 people attended and they were paid $3800? That’s some REALLY bad math.


    1. It’s worse than you think – the $3800 was the ‘profit’ if one ignores the $10K artist fee.
      The Real loss was over $6100, or almost $180 per ticket sold!


  3. So, all of these recent reports are incomplete and inaccurate. If we add the artist fee to the other expenses, the losses are huge! Could you imagine a private sector company sharing such a financial report with its investors? The investors would flip out and question the sanity of those involved. Guess what, if you pay taxes in Bloomington, you are an investor in the BCPA (most likely against your will). This is completely unacceptable! The City government acts as a financial backstop, enabling the BCPA to book acts that lose money, as they know they’ll be bailed out. Until the City stops funding and starts questioning the BCPA, they’ll continue to do what they want, when they want, and how they want without any repercussions.

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