Worthless campaign promises by Lorenz?

By:  Diane Benjamin

When a candidate for office declares what they plan to do if you vote them into office they should actually do it.  Some members of the Normal Town Council have openly criticized Stan Nord for doing just that.  He is accused of playing politics because he isn’t rubber-stamping “the plan”.  He is actually doing what he said he would do if elected.  Novel idea!

Is that what Kathleen Lorenz is doing?

See the questionnaire she filled out for WGLT before the election:  https://www.wglt.org/post/candidate-questionnaire-kathleen-lorenz#stream/0

Read the questions and Lorenz’s answers.  She was the deciding vote to raise your property taxes and she claimed it was for hiring a communications person.  How can her answers below be anything but a lie?

Trust in politicians is at an all time low – it is because of people like Kathleen who campaign to get your vote and then do the opposite once safe.

Trust in non-politicians like Stan Nord keeps rising.  Kathleen Lorenz needs to act like she campaigned.  The citizens of Normal should nicely remind her of promises before she was re-elected.  Citizens can either put up with her for another 3 years plus or hold her accountable.

See email addresses for the Council here:  https://normal.org/97/Contacting-the-Council

Voting isn’t enough, tell them you expect campaign promises to be kept.

Stan needs to know if you appreciate what he is doing.

Some excerpts from the questionnaire:










13 thoughts on “Worthless campaign promises by Lorenz?

  1. Typical political double speak, i.e. liar. Probably heavily coached by the town mayor and local mayor professor. But, then again to some folks it just comes natural.


  2. I don’t know how she has a following. Well connected I guess. I did not vote for her and will not if she runs again. We DO NOT need a communications person. We NEED fiscal responsibility. If it was just town of normal property taxes it wouldn’t be so bad but all local taxes have gone up. On top of that the state tax increases (gas etc.). Layer on top the SALT (state and local tax) deduction cap at 10k and it paints a bad picture. How about we address the pension issue at all levels. Until that is done nothing else really matters. Can’t wait for the next election. Let’s get Stan and Karyn some help.

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    1. If Kathleen voted as promised she would be voting with Stan and Karyn on more issues. Scott Preston has found his conservative side lately. That’s 4 votes – enough to stop the nonsense. Both Preston and Lorenz need encouraged to do the right thing. It shouldn’t take until the next election.


      1. I think Scott can smell the political winds. Kathleen needs to go outside her circle and talk to more people. Those attending rubber chicken dinners and Chamber events aren’t the pulse of the community.


    2. They need a communications person (propaganda person) because (just like in the mainstream national news media) they can’t control the narrative anymore. They can only get away with what they are doing if the people are either not paying attention or they have complete control of the narrative. Now the people here are paying attention and they have almost no control over the information flow (thanks to Diane, Twitter, Facebook and the internet). So they think they can put the Genie back in the bottle with this “spin doctor” hire. So instead of really governing with the interest of the taxpayers as their focus, they choose to continue their crony, elitist, socialist governance and try to spin it into an alternative narrative that doesn’t really exist (except in their tiny minds).

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  3. Since Kathy voted against giving herself a raise, but it passed anyway I wonder if she plans to return her raise back to the Normal coffers and thus use it to help pay for her new communication manager?


  4. Bottom Line, Kathy Lorenz is two-faced. She’s all smiles and miss congeniality to the public. When it’s time to vote, she sides with the Progressive Marxists on the Council. How she ever managed to convince anyone she’s a “republican,” takes very good acting skills. She is no conservative Republican, that’s for sure. More like a Mitt Romney rino. I agree that we have to hold her accountable though.


  5. Kathleen is listed as an appointed republican committeeman. No doubt she is indoctrinating others to the RINO ways. I wonder who she fooled to get the appointment, maybe another higher ranking RHINO in the party???

    The RHINOs are imploding the party from the inside.


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