Want some GOOD NEWS?

By:  Diane Benjamin


The Cornbelt Ambucs presented an Amtryke to Tri-Valley High School student Zachary Thorndyke this morning.


Zac couldn’t stop smiling!

This bike has been customized for Zac.  Ambucs works with a physical therapist so the recipient is not only safe but is able to build strength using it.  Ambucs also works with Easter Seals to provide mobility and independence to people with disabilities.  Zac had been using a wheelchair at school and an OLD bike that had been donated.  This bike can be adjusted as he grows, he owns it and will be able to use it for many years.

The local Ambucs members who attended are:  Al Bedell, Vicky Strauss, J Balmer, and  Marcia Hammerstrand.  This bike cost around $1000, all funds are raised through contributions and fundraisers.

See their website here for more information:  http://www.cornbeltambucs.org/

The local group provides around 25 of these bikes a year locally.  They also build ramps to make access to homes easier.



9 thoughts on “Want some GOOD NEWS?

  1. AMBUCS does a LOT of unmentioned “GOOD DEEDS”! A late friend who had MS needed a ramp to get into their residence, and they built one in a Saturday afternoon, GRATIS!! THIS is the kind of thing some of OUR tax money SHOULD go to, and not Naked Magicians, or such stupidity.


  2. Just what I mean, they DO NOT get OUR tax money, but MAYBE They SHOULD! Still better then a LOT of the “cultural” things our local governments THINK we NEED for quality of life. I’d just be happy IF they got the trash & recycle items in the truck..


    1. no, No, NO! Tax money always comes with strings sooner or later. Whether it’s interference in what a charity can offer, or who they can offer it to, or what politician’s district needs to be more (or less) represented, or whatever else. What is needed is lower taxes so people have more money and time to give to good charities like this.

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