Security Fail – Heyworth High School

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last Friday the Heyworth High School was put on lock-down.  A former student, who appears to have mental issues, was able to get in the school.  He slipped in behind several students who were buzzed in when they returned from another building.

Reports I’ve seen say the police were called, the guy was found at his home later.

He had a message for students which isn’t important.  The important part is he was able to get in!  He didn’t bring a gun that we know of, but what if he had?  Was anybody inside capable of shooting back?  Or, was everybody going to be hiding and praying the police show up before they die?

The school security failed because sometimes people fail.  Stuff happens, we are all human.  Even the best security can be breached by a determined troublemaker.

The question every parent of a school age kid should be asking is:  What is Plan 2 when Plan 1 fails?

The only answer possible is good guys with guns able to shoot back.  Take down the Gun Free Zone signs, they shout:   We Don’t Believe In Defending Ourselves.




3 thoughts on “Security Fail – Heyworth High School

  1. Why are we NOT closing the loop-hole.
    How was he allowed to “slip in behind”
    Arresting this one will not prevent the next perp from trying…
    We don’t need more laws, we need more accountability…
    Who is in charge and what’s the plan to fix this…???


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