Why people flee: Tari

By:  Diane Benjamin

Forbes magazine printed the latest addition of what states people are fleeing based on data from United Van Lines data.

Illinois is #1


While McLean County and Normal were smart enough to cut spending, Bloomington is looking for more revenue tonight.

Tari Renner is quoted in the paper saying City budgets aren’t like your personal budget.  They can’t quit spending or people won’t want to live here.   (stop laughing now)


See PDF page 230 and following.  No cuts, just more fees.  The City needs to close a $525,000 deficit.  It’s all the same things discussed before:  parking fees, license businesses, cost recovery.  The documentation claims next year will be even worse.  It will be for you too.

PDF page 116:

How many businesses has Tari turned away because they weren’t his idea of the “right fit”?  This item is extending the completion time for the rehab of the hotel on IAA Drive.

PDF Page 158 has a summary of how the City plans to use Community Development Block Grant money.  It’s a Federal Program, who decides grant recipients?  Are recipients people who really need the money or friends of government?   Checks just show up on Bills and Payroll.

PDF page 161 – When somebody gets a rebate other people have to make up the difference.  Habitat is a great organization, but why do taxpayers have to fund their solar panels?  Dozens of pages of justification are included.

Remember this when somebody claims sales tax revenue is down. Giving it away has that effect.





13 thoughts on “Why people flee: Tari

  1. Tari and the Council believe in government-determined economic development and outcomes. What they fail to realize is that the market is the market, and it does not care about ideology. They cannot artificially create demand or interest where it doesn’t exist. Things are not going to end well for Bloomington.

  2. My wife and I are moving to Columbus Indiana in April because a hotel didn’t get approved for downtown and the approval to tear-down the parking deck to build the new library and bus stop didn’t happen.

  3. Here is a lesson for the historically challenged Tari Renner and his uneducated minions. Back in the 1800’s immigrants came through Ellis Island to America to seek a better life as America stood as the beacon of freedom! Coming from mostly European nations they faced a treachorous journey. Many suffered at the hands of brutal governments and dictatorships. They came willing and eager to work hard to be an American! They came seeking FREEDOM and OPPORTUNITY!!! And they will leave when freedom and opportunity is oppressed, ironically so by so called progressives. B-N loses. Illinois loses.

  4. We all know that the State of Illinois is a total crap-hole, spiraling into disintegration. But if you must remain around here, let’s talk local: 20 miles up the road–Woodford County. At least 2/3 Republican. A County Board that still occasionally articulates free market principles and respects private property rights. Ronald Reagan’s college home. Tell me again why you are putting up with Tari’s Communism, Black Lives Matter Thuggery, Antifa Terrorism, Miss Pink Hair, NIOT nonsense, gun grabbers, RINOs, Marxist indoctrination in the schools? Why? WHY?

  5. They had a similar problem with OLD GROWTH forest in the pacific N.W. 100 years ago, one could hardly see a “rod” into the forest because the growth and trees were so dense, and they believed they could NEVER cut them all down. Well, here it is 100 years later, and yep, they still can’t see into the forest, because it’s gone..
    IF Tari can’t figure this out, MAYBE he ought to “sit in” on a botany or history class there at the university..

  6. People also leave when they look around and realize that the place they are living simply isn’t “the right fit” for them anymore. I shudder to think who Tarry and Company would choose to “kick out” of here if they could and who their “chosen ones” would be to have stay.

  7. “who Tarry (sic) and Company would choose to “kick out” of here if they could”. Oh that process has already started–politically based vandalism and threats, ISIS On the Prairie, budding Antifa terrorism. It’s happening–NOW.

  8. The registration and fee is not “the right fit” for my business, Tari. So, I won’t be supporting it. Hopefully, my house sells before the ordinance passes, so I can re-register the business elsewhere and not give you money to redistribute to the downtown mafia, DisConnect Transit, the Chamber of Crony Commerce, and Fartsworth Group.

  9. What a dum azz , people hate high taxes , and getting stiffed for every bs thing you dream up you schmuck terry .. and instead of padding payroll and increasing bureaucracy , you need to limit payroll and increase your awareness of the local economy and how folk feel and live in this shit hole town you’re creating .

  10. I’m with mike. We are moving in a month mainly because of the lack of a downtown hotel and a new bus station. I am also mad that we didn’t build even bigger coliseum and performing arts center. I really wanted to subsidize entertainment for people with plenty of disposable income.

    Or, maybe we are leaving because both the state of IL and the county’s main employer is dying. Economic security in the 21st century means being in a place that has more than 1 main employer.

    1. Spot on. No one really seems to get it. State Farm is on life support and can’t compete in the digital age. There is no Plan B. Tari and his sheep believe that the government leads economic development. You know…like Venezuela.

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