Nice Pantagraph

By:  Diane Benjamin

Today the paper has a cool graph showing City of Bloomington budgets for the last 10 years.  I recapped the same info here:

See the Pantagraph graph here – bottom of the story:

Instead of pretending spending is up over 10 years, they should have marked on the graph where Tari was in charge of his first budget:

Before Tari the budget was rebounding after severe cuts.  After Tari the budget exploded and so did your taxes.

$169,633,232 in 2014 to $213,830,887 in 2018.

That’s up 26% in 5 years.  The paper reported budget increases of 38% in 10 years.   Obviously most of the increase was Tari.

My numbers don’t completely agree with theirs.  I took mine from what the City reported to the Comptroller’s Office.  The Pantagraph claims their source is the City.







7 thoughts on “Nice Pantagraph

  1. This graph should be in every flyer, debate, etc for any candidate running against Taxin’ Tari come campaign season for the next mayoral election.


  2. What really chaps MY posterior, is that the MAYOR and COUNCIL BOTH dodge the issue, and re-hash and re-study OLD issues. OR they lower speed limits on a street that has NO driveways.. They have the attention span of a monkey in a banana tree, unless there’s a study or consultant involved OR a “light lunch” in the mix..

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    1. They prefer to do what they do best – eat, (on someone else’s dime) “have conversations” about ridiculous matters, and plan their next jaunt. I know quite well how these people operate and they can have the most “spirited debate” (with all parties essentially agreeing of course) over the most inane subjects you can imagine.
      They also LOVE little house parties or “invitation only” lunches/brunches/dinners/whatever. None of the peasants are invited to those at all, and that is where they actually hatch many of their tax and spend follies. They often must cater to many “special diets” however (many self inflicted) so their choices of feeding troughs is somewhat limited. The little house parties are often food themed (or they used to be) so that the vegans, vegetarians, gluten intolerant, paleo centered, Ketogenic, raw food only etc factions can all be accommodated one place or another (“because that’s only fair”).
      We have a truly sorry bunch of hollow men and women running this town, and I am sorry to say I don’t know how or when it can be stopped. One problem of course is one Diane mentions frequently and that is the lack of voter participation by the “real” people who live here. Perhaps THAT would be a good place to start, until the voter participation by REAL people increases we will continue to have the likes of Amelia, Scott and Tarry running the show, and you can believe that they are as we speak priming up some more who are JUST like them, praising them, building them up, remarking constantly about how “bright” they are how “articulate” they are etc etc. That’s how they roll.
      Somehow the real people need to wake up and start rolling. I don’t want to think that the real people are really out numbered by these progressive buffoons, harpies, overage hippies, and beta males, but one would think that may well be the case if things continue as they have been.


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