Since immigration laws don’t matter . . .

Let’s deface public property!  Yes, that’s City Hall.  I’m told it says:  Separate ICE and the police not immigrants

Now everybody can draw on City Hall since nothing happened to these folks!

12 thoughts on “Since immigration laws don’t matter . . .

  1. Went to council meeting tonight showed them my sign before they went into private session. Walked out front and asked the tv news if they wanted to hear differing view on welcoming city ordinance, they told me that I would be on tonight’s news , ABC I think it was,

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  2. If you look outside at the front of the city building in your picture mayor Renner was nice enough to let those fasting use the council chambers conference tables ,that was awfully nice of him.


  3. I drove by there a few times today to see the turnout. Twice I counted eight people. Once there ten. They had blankets and junk spread all over the front of city hall. I can’t see how the council can take this group serious at all.


  4. Wow I had my first encounter with the news media and it will probably be my last. After spending more than 5 minutes explaining the meaning of the sign that I made and giving the news reporter my take on why a welcoming city ordinance has a downside they only played 2 seconds of my interview. My sign said and they filmed it “Kathryn Steinle was murdered do to a sanctuary city ordinance”, this city ordinance allowed a known bad illegal alien to be released from jail when the immigration officials had asked that he be detained until they could pick him up. A few weeks later gun in hand firing 3 times indiscriminately Kathryn Steinle was shot in the back and died. She would be alive today had the officials just kept this bad guy locked up until the immigration officials could take him. My point is sanctuary city ordinances are tying the hands of immigration officials and know bad illegal alien criminals are being released into our midst. I certainly don’t advocate breaking up families I just want those that are here illegally that break laws by committing crimes to be removed from my community for good which means deportation.


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