Bloomington Budget Workshop Saturday

By:  Diane Benjamin

Source for below:

Tari Renner is the problem:

Tari was elected in 2013.  That budget was already done. The Renner exploding budgets started in 2014.

2018 is the budget currently in place.

Bloomington shows NO sign of understanding the local economy is declining.  They are planning to keep spending and fleecing.

Link to Saturday’s work session:

Some of the Council members lament video gaming taking money out of the local economy while THEY have taken far more out.

Look over the documentation – it’s only 7 pages.  If Bloomington residents don’t show up with proverbial pitchforks, the Council will agree to a budget designed to destroy Bloomington.

Revenue is about to plummet and they are oblivious.

The meeting is at the Police Station, not where it can be live streamed.  Gee, I wonder why.  Maybe because they aren’t going to fund fixing the roads.





10 thoughts on “Bloomington Budget Workshop Saturday

  1. If they cut spending in half overnight, no single taxpayer (emphasis on taxPAYER) would notice a difference. The City services are lousy, and the City caters to cronies, pressure group and members of the Downtown mob. Ask yourself what you get for the increased spending. Are the streets x% better? Is the economy x% better?

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  2. Video gaming is NOT taking money out of the local economy any more than a ticket to a show at the BCPA. There is a big difference in the fiscal impact though. Establishments with video gaming machines are NOT subsidized with tax dollars. Pure tax revenue is $750K/year and the establishment is required to pay a liquor license fee. There are thousands of dollars in payouts that the winners pour back into the economy. The fee is a “sin” tax. The elitists believe the entertainment to be low class. All for a measly $125K/year. Disgusting!

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  3. Wish I could be at the meeting have to work Saturday morning go figure retired but still working. I live comfortably but the constant tax increases by city leaders are slowly eroding my comfortability. The silent majority is slowly waking up as more and more people are coming to the realization that their income will not sustain them in retirement.
    If our city leaders think that by continuing to pay out bloated salaries that those receiving it will keep them in power they are mistaken. The silent majority have had enough,the poor you have already hurt both groups will unite and one way or another will remove those that have taxed us to death. I can’t wait!

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