Durbin risks eternity for DNC

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’ve been waiting for the press to notice, evidently they don’t care.

Senator Dick Durbin is a member of a Catholic church in Springfield.  He has been banned by the Diocese of Springfield from taking communion for his failure to protect unborn life.

Evidently church teachings do matter!

A vote was taken in the US Senate to ban abortions after 20 weeks – 5 months.

Durbin along with every other Democrat (including 13 catholic church members) voted against it.

From the Press release:

Canon 915 of the Catholic Church’s Code of Canon Law states that those “who obstinately persist in mani­fest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.”

See the entire Press Release here:  https://www.dio.org/communications/press-releases/423-statement-from-bishop-paprocki-on-senate-failure-to-pass-pain-capable-unborn-childrens-act.html

The only question now is:  Will Durbin risk a very unpleasant eternity for the Democrat Party?

What about the 13 others?

I congratulate the Catholic church for taking a stand for what you believe in.

20 thoughts on “Durbin risks eternity for DNC

  1. Thanks for sending this out Diane. It is the moral teaching of the Catholic Church that Dickie Durbin is forsaking. The reason why he publicly acts in defiance of this teaching does not matter the fact is, he does! Therefore; he has excommunicated himself from the Church because Catholics do not believe in abortion , he is a heritic, and so is NOT a Catholic, no matter if he claims to be. I wish more bishops would have the guts to stand up to these politicians. Thank you again.

    Darrel Petri

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  2. Oh please. The Catholic Church continues to lose members because of it’s archaic teachings and practices. There is a shortage of priests and nuns worldwide, and they’re not doing anything to fix it. And then there’s the whole issue of priest molestation. I was raised Catholic, attended mass regularly, and was an Alter boy. But I stepped inside a church in over 35 years (I’m 60), and I’m pro-choice. (As is my 86 year old Catholic mother, who still goes to mass.) So if the church wants to kick Durbin out, I’m sure he’s not losing any sleep over it. Neither am I…..

      1. You’re correct; I don’t anymore. But I do tell people why I’m no longer practicing. If they are truly a forgiving Catholic, they will understand. I don’t need to belong to a religion to have faith and spirituality. You’re posting the story because of political reasons, not faith reasons.

  3. Bishop Paprocki in Springfield is a good man. When I read about him I wish other bishops aspired to be more like him, rather than lukewarm. Sadly, I am a fallen away Catholic in that I cannot sit there and listen to the priest talk about social justice, or all the other liberal/progressive nonsense. Pope Francis does not help the situation either. Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi and all the other Democrats who flaunt their pro abortion message and insist they are Catholic, make me sick. It is all such a shame.

  4. I have the same viewpoint on those in the Christian faith who don’t hold true to the value of life, or at least minimize the value of life. The same can be said for God’s Chosen People, the Jewish people. I am a friend of George Gordon, Ph D, but I “for the life of me” cannot figure out how they hold their political party in higher esteem then their history, their faith, their heart. It truly baffles me. Mark Levin answered that question one night on his radio show. The answer was they truly value politics (and their political party) more than their faith and traditions. I’m sure we all have idols, both known and unknown, in our lives; but, I thought Moses had the Jews destroy their idols a long time ago?

  5. We all choose who we are going to serve. I serve God. These 14 do not. They serve their politics.

  6. So Yamaha2004 you are pro choice, without bringing any religion in to it let us propose moving abortion her choice up to 9 months how about the woman squats fetus (baby) falls out her choice to walk away baby dies not her fault her choice. I believe the Dick Durbins of this world would support this after all he has shown through his votes that pro choice is a woman’s right and if he is willing to support 5 months why not go to 9 months.

    1. That’s a pretty ridiculous assumption, which is not based in fact. What I don’t understand is that Conservatives are always pushing for “leave the government out of our lives.” But here’s a case where you want them in your personal medical life.

  7. ALL you folks should KNOW that RELIGION, POLITICS and ABORTION are touchy subjects, and ALL the arguing , until you’re ALL blue in the face won’t change each others stance. Glad I was raised Methodist!
    As for Catholics being so darn holy. well, naw, I’m not going there. I’d just get someone fired up..
    ALL I’ll say is THIS! LOOK at the record of the Catholic church and the POPES, Bishops, WARS, EXECUTIONS, etc that the CHURCH has ORDERED since it’s inception… That”s holy GOD fearing and supportive of LIFE??
    Time for another Inquisition! EVERYONE fears the INQUISITION!
    Monty Python

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