Your Tax Dollars at work

By:  Diane Benjamin

More info at:

One Voice in Washington DC begging for money – $1,600 each plus other expenses:

17 thoughts on “Your Tax Dollars at work

  1. The Mayors socks make him look like a real bachelor. He needs a clothing helper. Oh wait, first he will need a study group to see if he needs a clothing helper. Never mind.


    1. These type of projects where a higher level government is handing out money to lower levels of government almost never covers the whole cost and it’s up to the lower level of government to put up the rest of the money to finish the project. It’s really no different than shopping at a store and buying something you don’t need just because it has a “50% off” sign next to it.


  2. He spends money like a fool… he might as well dress like one. I think his style is look at me, look at me, I’m so cool.


    1. Let’s not forget when Renner was caught wearing a City of Bloomington shirt that said “Mayor” on it. And now red argyle socks! I can’t help but laugh at this fool, thinks he’s so coo!


  3. What? So he’s OUTTING! Might as well do it in STYLE! Just didn’t work out so well..
    How you say gigalo in polispeak? His “boy” bought him those socks, so leave him alone..


    1. Tari’s evil, he’s not stupid. He probably is sending a subtle message with both the sock color–Red, and Argyle pattern. Just sayin’.


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