Remember the pothole video?

By:  Diane Benjamin

On February 20th, I filmed City employees dumping something in potholes on E Oakland and not tamping it down.

See the video in this story:

On March 2nd I filmed the same area looks – a mere 10 days later.  Obviously a pothole fail.

Don’t forget:  The Bloomington City Council wants you to pay .08 a gallon motor fuel tax and that still isn’t enough to get the roads up to POOR condition.

The City budget is for city employees – not the citizens paying for it.



13 thoughts on “Remember the pothole video?

  1. Well, WHEN you hire people and teach them how to COMPETENTLY do things, you get good work, SO, maybe the head muck-mucks aren’t competent?

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  2. The head muck-mucks aren’t competent – they are more of the “smart people” who are running this town into the ground – that’s what “smart people” do.

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  3. I love how everyone is a expert on filling pot holes now. U can tamp it all u want it’s still coming out. It’s a temporary fix. And for you idiots calling our employees lazy remember that the next time u can get to work of a morning after a snow. They were up all night working.


    1. No one is slamming the snow plow drivers, and of course they themselves are at the mercy of the higher up muck-mucks who tell them which streets to plow, how much salt to apply etc etc and when to do it – same as the road crews are told what, when and where and how much. The problem, is the materials that are being used for the patch repairs and the way they are told they must apply them. So no need to get all mentally erect (as Rocky said to Paulie) defending the workers, but as to slow, yes I have seen them work VERY slow, and often see 6 employees doing the work of 3 and so on, but that can be said about road crews pretty much everywhere in the entire USA, not just BloNo. That said, I have watched road repairs being done in several other countries over the years, and well, let’s just say it’s different than the way they do it here.

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      1. Just because someone say in Florida fixes or patches a road a certain way doesn’t mean that’s the correct way it should be done in Illinois. You see that employee doing that work for about 1 minute while sitting in traffic. That employee has to worry about more than just that hole. He has to worry about every idiot behind the wheel that’s on there phone, or putting on make up, or taking a picture of a pothole while driving not paying attention to driving. I am a city of Bloomington employee who fills potholes on third shift for 8 hours every night.

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  4. This is to Joseph – Do you truly believe the materials that are being used are the proper materials for this climate and this level of traffic? Do you feel that those who make those decisions are competent? Do you also think that perhaps it might be better in the long run to do a more permanent repair that will last a couple years or so instead of ones that last a few weeks tops and do them over and over and over? I also understand the need to keep employees employed, I know how temporary fixes insure constant work. It’s sort of a vicious circle really.


  5. In all due respect to Mr. Spidle, if third shift is still 11pm-7am, how’s come I have no recollection of seeing potholes filled at night? My old stanky memory ain’t the greatest at times but if you are out there evey night I think I could remember better than this. And for what it is worth, over all I think you city guys do a pretty good job especially considering the idiots you have in administration that calls the shots. Just my two cents worth.


    1. Yes, the workers are at the mercy of their (cough) “superiors” – Perhaps we need some different “superiors” but as long as the ones who promote and hire the “superiors” are not so good – then there will seldom be good “superiors”.

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  6. “I love Jim Karch. He always tells all and let’s the chips fall on the Council for not giving him enough money.”

    True, since he is at their mercy too it seems – It’s REALLY hard to have to take orders from someone who doesn’t have a clue and go with your hand out needing something when the “keepers of the purse” haven’t really got a clue.


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