Pothole FAIL

By:  Diane Benjamin

I was in town this morning dodging potholes because errands made me cross Veterans Parkway.  I try to never do that!

Before any of my critics comment, I wasn’t driving when I shot this video – I was PARKED.   This is a City of Bloomington crew working on East Oakland Avenue.

The guy throws something in the hole and makes very little attempt to tap it down.  People who saw it said the patch will last about 4 days.  With heavy rain it might be gone by tomorrow.  Can’t fixing potholes be done better than this?


15 thoughts on “Pothole FAIL

      1. I reported several on Towanda near the 4-way stop at Locust. A week later they were filled. Three weeks later part of the patch is gone and now the other lane needs help! I get that the weather plays a role; but if they were properly maintained there would be minimal issues.

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  1. The same guy will then drive the snowplow at 45mph through a residential neighborhood that annihilates mailboxes and those same recently installed pothole patches. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. He’s literally making his own job security.


  2. This is either cold mix or hot asphalt BOTH of which NEED to be put in a CLEAN hole then PACKED down for a TEMPORARY fix. Can I get this job? It don’t look very physically exerting and I’d SURE as heck have job security! This is just PLAIN STOOPID! They’d be better off peeing in the hole below freezing and letting it ice over-SERIOUSLY!!


  3. These pot hole and line painting workers are typicallly hired from a local temporary agency, the union worker is usually the one with his butt on the seat, out of the cold and hazard.
    There was so much gravel on the roads yesterday, there was no way to avoid the road hazards…either hydroplane though the flooding at the curbs or destroy the underside with all the gravel blowback that washed out of the potholes! It is plain dangerous out there!

    Is it cheaper for the city to hire these temporary workers they pay $9/hr to the worker and $14-17/hr to the Agency for the worker?


  4. @ the very least, they could BACK over it with the truck or trailer a few times before leaving. That doesnt take very much extra effort.


  5. In a perfect world you would take the time to clean out the hole before placing the material and then roll the material to compact it. But in this world you have too many holes and too big an area to take care of because of all the cutbacks in workers(at least that is the situation in the town I work in). You also have people that do not see the truck with its flashing lights and worker walking behind it until they are within 5 feet of you and then they finally changes lanes after almost hitting you. Backing a truck in traffic is also no easy task as the holes don’t always line up with the tires so sometimes you are taking up more than one lane of traffic and even harder with a trailer attached. And traffic will compact it better than a hand held tamper. Just slow down, give them room and run over the material slowly to help them out. Filling potholes day after day is not something any of us want to do.


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