Why your roads will not be fixed

By:  Diane Benjamin

Both Bloomington and Normal have been governed for many years by people who want to build monuments to themselves and call it Quality of Life.

Roads are too boring to fund, so are pensions.  Valuable tax dollars can’t be used for what isn’t their priority.  Instead they raise taxes to fund them because they DON’T WANT TO SPEND CURRENT MONEY on your priorities.

Worse they lie:

Tari failed to say he meant in 66 years!


The Council has had no problem taxing you to death.

The last .04 a gallon gas tax:   Yes votes of those still on the Council:    Mwilambwe, Schmidt, Painter, and Black

4% Amusement tax:  Mwilambwe, Schmidt, Painter, and Black.

Increased Utility taxes:  Mwilambwe, Schmidt, Painter, Sage, and Black.

Source for above:  https://blnnews.com/2014/09/15/renner-will-want-more/

The 1% Sales tax was increased on September 21, 2015.  This was the vote:

Minutes:  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=10138

So far Painter, Schmidt, and Black are 100% we need your money more than you do!  Four for Four!

Buragas and Hauman weren’t on the Council for the first three votes.

In September of 2017 they voted to raise your sewer and storm water rates:     http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=14740

PDF page 288:    http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=14716

This tax increase doesn’t go into effect until May 1, 2018.

This was the vote:

Black is still 100% for theft, Painter and Schmidt finally voted NO.

2015 is when the Budget Task Force met and supposedly proposed cuts.  If they ever had any cuts, they were not allowed to seriously present them.

The City Council has been a disaster for your wallet.

Tari Renner is their leader.

He now wants more tax increases.

Real cuts need to be made, the roads actually need fixed.  Under Tari the roads are worse because funds are not made available for the #1 priority of citizens.

Possible cuts:

Communications Director

Return to MetCom

End Bloomington Election Commission

Hire an in-house lawyer instead of Sorling Northrup

End the Administrative Court – it obviously failed to hold slum landlord accountable

Fire one building inspector – EVERY apartment does not need to be inspected – go after the bad landlords

Dispose of the properties Tari bought just so he could control development

Cut funding for the Economic Development Council

Cut funding to Connect Transit, empty buses are a waste of money

Cut funding for BN Advantage

Put a moratorium on all travel except police and fire training

Put a moratorium on all pay increases

Put a moratorium on all hiring

Increase contributions by employees for health insurance

Cut Administration Budget

Mandate the Coliseum and BCPA break even in two years or be shut down

Give the Creativity Center to the non-profit without any further funding

Put a moratorium on ALL consultants

END Pension Spiking

End Sister-Cities program, it has no benefit to the majority of citizens

Your ideas?

Did I miss any tax increases?

I did leave off video gaming and solid waste increases!  Probably others.






24 thoughts on “Why your roads will not be fixed

  1. Hopefully, the same thing happens to both Tari and Chris that happened to the Chicago mayor Michael Bilandic back in the late 70’s. We had an incredible amount of snow that winter, and Chicago failed at keeping the streets open. That swept Jane Byrne into winning the next year, because she promised a better response.

    The roads here are going from bad to worse. I’ve lived here since 1982 and I have never seen such potholed filled streets. I understand weather plays a part. But after being out and about today, the few that have been resurfaced in the last few years, still look great. I was out by old farm lakes. East Oakland and Ireland grove Road are beautiful. I wonder who why those have been kept up?


  2. 1. If there are two or more companies that offer any given service, outsource it from local government to one such company. 2. Moratorium on Downtown funding 3. No new TIFs 4. Require a majority vote on all tax increase 4. Place a field on all tax forms that enable individuals or companies to pay a higher tax rate. (We get to call out the hypocrites!.) 5. Cut 10% from each department’s budget, no exceptions.


      1. Nope. I meant a majority of citizens must vote “yes”. Each tax increase would need to be ut on a ballot and voted on. Pretty sure tax increases would grind to a halt.


  3. Great list Diane, but the 20 items suggested would take the current council at least one year to discuss and another 6 months to vote I would add sell the pink flamingos at market prices but this would damage the quality of life too much here in Bloomington.


      1. The flamingos are kept in a small building in their exhibit, but there are no viewing windows so you can’t even see them in cold weather! Who was the stupid exhibit designer? At least you can watch the turtles thru glass in cold weather!

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  4. How about the city not hire a BCPA Director while acting as though the “friends” will pay for it? Didn’t we already try a similar thing with with DBA? $250K a year in DBA expenses.

    One Voice. Nope. It’s obviously not doing us any good.

    Fire Farnsworth!

    No more TIFs so the “friends” make money and the poor pay for it.

    We don’t need a pool. Normal isn’t that far and they were considering closing Anderson. Why on earth don’t we get an agreement with Normal Parks and Rec going instead of competing?

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    1. It’s not competition if there’s enough demand and both pools are full. Maybe you’d like those kids hanging around your neighborhood looking for something to do?


      1. I am that neighborhood Rich…and when my children were young we went to Normal. My son is 18 and he goes to Fairview. Never been turned away because they a full. Without scholarships most of the kids in my neighborhood won’t be going to the new pool either. And the kids do hangout at my place. I don’t fear poor people. I care about them.

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      2. Rich, if the City wants a real economic driver, they need to find a company who will provide something that can’t be found within a 100 mile radius.


    2. The DBA is no longer funded at $90K/year by the City. Instead, the director and assistant were hired by the City at $250K/year. What a savings!! NOT!!


  5. Extra building inspector has led to inspecting small office complexes. We’ve never been inspected until this year. We have no customers coming to our building and only myself and one other worker, but we had to get our emergency lights replaced and several other issues resolved. Plus they suggested we hire Getz when they wrote us up. Best comment ever – I will be back next year. Really, why waste time on us. Our insurance company doesn’t even require inspection every year to keep the policy in place. It would be better for the inspector to go house to house and check fire alarms. Hello – I don’t sleep at the office.

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    1. Don’t give them any ideas about going door to door! Black will want everyone to buy permits annually for their home and a whole new government entity will begin. Sound like something that would never happen? Give this Council another 10 years, probably less.

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      1. Scotty wants to raise taxes and fees on the poor and charge more for bulk waste due to eviction and complain about the homeless downtown. Scotty, this is not the upper middle class Chicago suburb you grew up in. 🐥


      2. In due time, Angela. The City Council is busy working on an air tax, tollways on Veterans Parkway, and Friday morning fee.


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