Sports complex imminent

By:  Diane Benjamin

Quality of Life.  Economic driver.

Government thinks they create prosperity, the opposite is true.  They redistribute your money to their preferred providers for services they want.  Essential services, like fixing the roads, are immaterial.

The Normal Town Council unanimously agreed to spend $47,000 on a study that will say exactly what they want to hear.  It doesn’t matter that both Bloomington and Normal don’t have any spare money sitting around,  They have you!  Stamp piggy bank on your forehead, that’s all you are to them.

Trustee Scott Preston can NEVER lead the local GOP, we don’t need two democrat parties in town.  The IL GOP liberals are bad enough Scott, your services aren’t needed here.

Only two people showed up at Public Comment.  Ron Ulmer spoke eloquently against spending the money.  The second guy was all for it.  Facebook comments were overwhelmingly opposed.   Attention Facebook complainers:  The Normal Town Council doesn’t care what you say on Facebook, they probably never see it.  If you want to stop the nonsense spending you have to show up in person!

Hear both speakers here, just hit play:




11 thoughts on “Sports complex imminent

  1. The vote on the study was just the beginning of last night’s nonsense. Some additional observations:

    -There’s a possibility according to Peterson that the BN Economic Council will chip in and help fund the $47,000 study for the soccer complex. Hello Mark! Why should they now that your Council has approved the funding for it? Common sense would have told you that the people who want this should fund the study. It’s called an RFP in case you’re unfamiliar with how the private sector works. In government we just pay for the RFP for those who will profit from it.

    -The newest member to this cast, Chemberly Cummings, is a dear in the headlights. Watch the video and see for yourself what I’m talking about.

    -Subway, one of the largest restaurant chains in the world, cannot make a go of it in Uptown station so the council voted overwhelmingly to reduce their rent. What does this tell you? Is there anything in Uptown that is not subsidized? Hell No! There are ISU students paying more in apartment rent than Subway in the Uptown Station. Either the Subway owners are feeding them a line of bull or this Council just cannot read the writing on the wall. Or, maybe it’s both.

    -Jeff Fritzen continues to play the role of his self righteous, self appointed morality police. His compromise to move liquor sales back to 10 on Sunday was defeated. Hello Jeff, people who purchase alcohol on Sunday mornings are also paying a tax for it in the city of Normal that you and your coffers on the Council desperately need. Stop biting the hand that feeds you.

    -Then there’s Rivian…..

    1. What is this…reverse Darwinism, survival of the unfittest? Bailouts for millionaire speculators losing money (i.e. sports complex) and a multinational fast-food chain in freefall due to declining sales and angry franchisees. Meanwhile, us taxpayers get left with the bill. History will not judge Koos and Peterson kindy. But don’t feel bad for them. Peterson has another plum gig, while I’m sure Koos will sell his bike shop at the height of the TIF/underpass euphoria. Ka-ching!

  2. i do not liv in Normal , but can not fathom these jokers in office thinking this is a good thing , let alone wasting money to make it look legit . Hopefully as Bloomingtons council have awaken to the realization of Debt bad , High Taxes Bad , Poor leadership and poorer spending on things unnecessary Bad .and will not join in on this folly .Koos Legacy will be even Worse than Judies as the times roll on and debt burries normal and it’s highend tokens become a shell to a dead city laiden with the burdens they chose.

  3. Subway rent seems ridiculously low! It wasn’t super clear but it appears that they were supposed to pay $1927.33, then negotiated in 2017 to pay $1400/month. The starting rent with the new agreement is only $1000/month and only goes up to $1500/month. Of course, they were willing to sign a 10-year lease. The space is 1650sq ft, not sure if that really includes all the seating area as the area is very open. Anyone having any thoughts as to whether this lease is at market rates.

  4. Normal Town Council must live on a planet far, far away from reality. If it were not so disturbing, we could laugh. But this is really happening. Normal Citizens are being robbed from for a very small minority. The fact that these Council members sit up their and justify what they are doing is even more disgusting than what what they are doing.

  5. N.I.O.T.! IF it’s such a CASH HOLSTEIN, then let Tilton or another of Tari’s or Amelias “friends” put up or SHUT up! Enough of this- We NEED it and YOU’RE gonna pay for it crap. IT HAS TO STOP. You getting this TARI?? IF not then you’re in delusional land.. As for Amelia. keep smiling. Ignorance TRULY is bliss…

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