Anybody smell Ham?

By:  Diane Benjamin

So yesterday Kyle Ham’s resignation from the Bloomington-Normal Economic Development Council was announced.

Of course he went on the junket to DC, paid by taxpayers:

It looks like him on the far left.

The EDC gets their money from government, that would be your taxes.  They are totally unaccountable to you for how it’s spent.

Would State Farm pay for an employee to travel lavishly when they KNEW the employee was quitting as soon as he returned?

The Bloomington-Normal Economic Development Council did!  The EDC didn’t want to upset anything by announcing Ham’s departure before the trip .

Then there is the Pantagraph story:

According to Ham:

So, the EDC isn’t the private sector, but taxpayers have no right to your financial statements and salaries?

If they aren’t the “private sector” they have to be “public sector”!

Since they won’t reveal how they spend your money, they aren’t “public” either!

What is the EDC then?

  • An unaccountable group redistributing your wealth to progressives?
  • The group that decides on “Right Fit”?
  • Negotiators for buying businesses to locate here?
  • A quasi-government agency formed only so taxpayers don’t know where the money goes?

McLean County and Normal finally questioned the value of the EDC.

Since they aren’t the “private sector”, no money should go to this organization until they are fully transparent and accountable! 

If they don’t want you to know how much of the funding is going into employee’s pockets, cut it to ZERO.





5 thoughts on “Anybody smell Ham?

  1. Political science,,,learning how the crooks in D.C. operate and get away with it so one can apply the same principles in other localities.

  2. He says in the Pantagraph article he will encourage CORE to invest and EDC. All I heard was a lobbyist just took a private sector job with a company that will soon have a new contract building a transfer center or an overpass. The only thieves that get prosecuted in this community are the ones who steal a loaf of bread to feed their family.

  3. The EDC concept needs to go 100% private. No government at all, period. It’s steered and influences by government and its private sector proxies/vendors. The Chamber is the same way. They both might as well just be municipal government bureaus.The problem is that many in the local private sector have sold out to government.

  4. Economic Development in THESE TWO CITIES is a serious OXYMORON!
    About as bad as “right fit” WHAT does THAT entail-pray tell? Or UPTOWN 2.0 WHO came up with ALL this” modern jive “BABBLE” Call it what it is. Pouring money in a rat hole at OUR expense. It’s like calling a hanging at the dance theatre “mid air choreography”! So I guess in “old school” lingo we’re getting a “pate peeling” from our mayors and councils!

  5. We get screwed again, EDC hides the truth of their spending , and Core gets a marginally skilled pubic employee, pun intended.

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