Strike TWO for Bloomington Police

By: Diane Benjamin

The Gun Back Back event held Sunday was as much of a fiasco has the Gun Safe giveaway with safes that aren’t made for guns.

The ordinance passed by the City Council allotted $60,000, reports from John Boch, Executive Director of Guns Save Life, said $50,000 was handed out to the first 30 cars in line. The line of cars stretched almost two miles by the time the started:

Worse – nobody was allowed inside to use a restroom while they waited. Around 200 cars waited in line and got nothing.

I left some amusing parts out of the below. Watch the website for all of John’s report or subscribe to the magazine:

From John:

Bloomington, IL Police wanted to collect unwanted and unloved guns at a gun buyback Sunday morning.  Guns Save Life, along with The Truth About Guns at the national level, helped boost BPD’s first ever gun “buyback” event to monumental success.  Success like they never initially dreamed possible.

How much success did they get?  By the 10a.m. start time, they had a line just shy of TWO MILES LONG waiting to get inside to trade their unloved guns for sweet, sweet cash money.

How did it go?  They burned through their $50,000 grant from the State of Illinois about thirty cars into that line of two-hundred plus cars stretching two miles

Then again, the do-gooders in Bloomington paid top dollar for bottom tier junk.  At the same time, they must have recognized all of the publicity would make them ripe for fleecing so at the last minute they limited it to four guns per car.

Christian held the pole position for the day.  He told me he came out at 5:30.  “I couldn’t sleep,” he told me.  Excitement kept him awake.  He was thrilled to trade some junk for at least $800.  That’s real money, even under Biden’s Build Back Better economy.  Why, a fella could get a case of .223 for that right now…

While I waited two hours after the start of the event to get into the building to do business, a very pleasant sergeant told me they were burning through cash like mad.  “It’s insane.”  The first six vehicles through each tagged them for a minimum of $800.  Many left with well over $1000.

Translation:  They could have burned through a half-million dollars if they had it.  Easy.  Probably twice that if they ditched the “four guns per car” limit.

No wonder given the bounty paid by BPD.  They gave $200 for conventional guns, $400 for ghost guns and $500 for so-called “assault” guns.  Given that they used the definitions in the new so-called “Protect Illinois Communities Act,” getting $500 proved rather easy.  A lady didn’t need an AR- to collect five bills.  A .22 with a threaded muzzle or a barrel shroud would do it.  People seemed more than willing to trade a $300 well-shot gun for $500 cash.  You could buy a brand new gun and still have $200 left over.  Yeah, you wouldn’t be able to screw a fake suppressor on any longer, but life’s full of trade-offs.

While waiting, I passed out some issues of this month’s GunNews Magazine and found a lot of people recognized me.  I even recognized some of them.  A few laughed and said their copies of GunNews arrived in the past couple of days.

A lot of folks wanted to know what took so long.  Others were upset there were no bathroom facilities available.  For whatever reason, the police acted very protective of the facility.  Maybe they worried about getting robbed.

No, the officers weren’t allowing people into the building to use the restrooms or to get out of their cars for any reason.  Believe it or not, old men and old ladies to need to pee.

I mentioned that major issue to the chief who stood inside.  He supervised the entire operation and he said that people could come inside.  “Uh, no.  They’re telling people that they can’t use the facilities inside.”

So he asked one of the officers who shook his head “No” at whether or not they were allowing people inside.  Whoops.  That proved an embarrassing moment for the chief.

I offered my consulting services on how to make a buyback run a whole lot more efficiently and the aloof police chief gave me a litany of excuses.   “We’re accredited,” he said.

“Yeah, so is Chicago, Joliet, Peoria and Champaign,” I replied.

“We have protocols.”

“So do they.  This isn’t as hard as you guys are making it.”

The only excuse he gave that held any water was that it was their first time at this rodeo.

“That’s why you need someone with experience to help you become more like Chick-fil-A in terms of efficiency.”

Overall, the Bloomington officers were all ranged from supremely courteous to downright nice.  Including a former neighbor of mine who recent moved to a small town nearby.  One gent balked at calling two of the guns I “sold” as “assault” guns, but I pointed out the threaded muzzle on the handgun made it a prohibited gun under the Protect Illinois Communities Act and the barrel shroud did the same for a rifle.  He looked up the relevant section on his phone and came back a few minutes later with crispy $100 bills.  Easy peasy.

What could have they done better besides having a lot more cash to squander stimulate the economy with?  Processing vehicles at an average speed of one every ten minutes was a huge downer for everyone involved.  That made for a lot of irritated people outside.  Especially for a two hundred plus vehicles who waited for hours in line only to be told the sponsors ran out of cash after about 30 cars into a two-mile-long line.  For those folks, Bloomington Police lost a bunch of love from the goodwill bucket.

11 thoughts on “Strike TWO for Bloomington Police

  1. Oh my goodness –
    Sounds like a typical government CLOWN SHOW!
    No accountability ….and at OUR expense!!

  2. What about the other $10,000.00? What a joke-get the guns off the streets. We have seen when Chicago and Peoria did this buyback, they got junk guns. BPD could do better with their time. I fear we have entered a twilight zone of stupidity with bloomington’s current city administration! More tax money, less needed services.

      1. It’s not just the elected socialists , it is the paid city ‘professional’ staff – most of whom came from smaller , poorer , cities in decline to accept what amounted to life changing money in a city full of well paid, aloof and disinterested citizens.

        Sure , the city manager, dept heads and their assistants all got on the financial gravy train that is Bloomington/Normal but it is the taxpayer that gets stuck with things like Connect Transit , crumbling streets , backed up sewers , gun safes that don’t work , fetal or knee taking cops and six-figure clerks.

        The people WE elect are the only check and balance a regular citizen has – yet apathy from citizens and voters means we get fleeced by those just in it for the artificially bloated salary and retirement benefits.


  3. So the gang banger scum bag criminals still have their guns. This event was a roaring failure on many levels. Virtue signaling with tax payer dollars as usual. Meanwhile the crime continues to go up, safety goes down, and the infrastructure continues to crumble. Par for the course with leftist progressive marxist democrats. Plus, incompetent, uneducated employees receive paychecks for unnecessary jobs. No wonder Bloomington Normal is in a Race To The Bottom with their Managed Decline.

  4. Went to ‘The Hub’ on east washigton to talk with a supervisor from Parks and rec. You cannot, I repeat cannot see them in person! They direct you with a phone in the lobby and talk with their secretary/asst at parks and rec. Then she calls you back with their answer. Wow! Talk about being insulated. I think we are headed to the outer limits of accountability. Sorry for the tv references.

  5. Just imagine the carbon footprint all the cars produced waiting in that line ! Al Gore would be furious! Seriously, the people who gave up the guns will be needing them soon when the bad guys come to their homes they will wish they had them.

  6. Gleason is a huge problem. Too many conservatives fail to recognize this. The Chief is an absolute woke joke. He is clueless and so are his assistant chiefs. The comments on COB PD Facebook page are great. Political BS.

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