ISU buys foreign labor

By:  Diane Benjamin

Illinois State University is paying all the bills to import employees from other countries.

See this contract Illinois State University made with one law firm:  Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell FY14-1

It’s for 1 year, $70,000, and renewable for up to 9 years.  Since the contract doesn’t say what this firm is doing for $70,000, look at a previous contract from 2011:  Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell FY11-1

From page 3:

page 3

ISU is using taxpayer money to

  • hire an immigration law firm
  • pay VISA and other expenses for foreign workers


Another law firm immigration contract:  Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy FY11

Page 5:



I could post more immigration contracts, but it’s redundant.  I will add this:  fee2 fee1

This is the fee ISU paid to bring one person to America.  I redacted the name because that’s not important.  Immigrants used to pay their own way here because they wanted to be American.  I hope ISU isn’t  calling this “diversity” – like just being American isn’t good enough anymore.

Citizens don’t have jobs because ISU pays to imports foreign workers.  This isn’t just teachers, ISU has foreign laborers too.

I wonder if they are doing what they are told to do for funding.

I have filed a FOIA request for fees and lawyer expenses paid over the last two years.

Maybe this is the new Economic Development idea.  Lawyers are making fortune off taxpayers while eliminating jobs for citizens.








  1. You are just too simple.

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  2. Brought to you by Capitalism! Wanna get rich, but HATE the cost of employing Americans? Hire FOREIGN! Get the same skills at half the salary. When people question why you are hiring non-Americans, blame taxes! If blaming taxes doesn’t work, say the American secondary and post secondary schools are graduating entitled, bratty twits and that foreigners are better workers! Thus keeping the government from getting in your business! If the government threatens to take away visas, simply threaten to move to another country and blame the supposedly anti-capitalist president to get people to forget, that you only care about profits and you don’t care how you get ’em! If threats don’t work, stay in the U.S. cut your workforce while giving yourself a raise mister CEO. After all, it’s not your fault people have families. And before you retire, cook the books a little and get off scot-free! Then you can laugh at your Cayman Islands compound as more legislation is enacted on business owners. Your friends still working will blame the government because they are too stupid to realize that you are the reason it costs more to run a business. That’s right and if you act now, we throw in your vary own Robber Barons T-shirt. Crush the middle class in style as you cut benefits but keep your private jet. Capitalism! It may be a lot for a few, but at least we do not live in China!

    Immigrants HAD to pay their own way. I am sure my Irish and German ancestors would have loved the help and treatment some people on visas get. But then again people didn’t hire Irish, German, Polish, etc. But what was the alternative? You could be unhappy but free in the U.S. or miserable and not free in some other country. You might even say our country was built on the backs of immigrants. But getting anyone to even consider the less the rosy history of immigration is a big ask.


  3. Redbird says:

    Tom is correct. ISU is not “importing” workers. Ms. Zamudio completed her Master’s degree at ISU before they offered her the job. If you know an American qualified for her position, willing to work for ISU then let them file a complaint. Universities are full of foreign workers because they are often willing to make sacrifices to stay in the USA. Taking jobs from Americans? I did a quick search though the ISU catalog. Of 13 Distinguished professors that I found, 6 are foreigners. How does this ratio compare to the number of faculty that work three hour days after getting tenure?


    • I didn’t say who it was or that it was only teachers! Try again. Meanwhile, I know veterans, who have hiring preference in Illinois, who can’t even get an interview for a posted job at ISU.


  4. Polaris says:

    I would suppose that they have entered into a long term contract in hope that future legal fees will be higher than those charged via the contracts.
    Secondly, in terms of faculty hires, individual departments conduct their searches and choose the best person from the pool of applicants. In some cases, that person turns out to be in another country or is in the United States doing post-doctoral work. Nevertheless, employers help their employees with the legal process.
    ISU is not intentionally seeking foreign born workers, just the best among the available applicants.


    • I had an accounting prof from Pakistan. Would have been nice to understand him.


      • Some faculty at ISU are not paid to teach. I would be interested in what teaching loads are for Tenured faculty at ISU. I’m gonna guess 2/3. 2 classes one semester, 3 the other. They are paid to do research. Some if that research is really important and beneficial to society. Some research also brings funding to ISU. Most does not. Then we have faculty who use their research time to write books, which is considered research. But they sell those books and make a nifty profit and ISU gets nothing. Academia – The Enterprise! Who pays and who benefits? That’s what we need to figure out. Polaris, I’ve got your number. I don’t mean that in a bad way, just letting you know that I know what your motives are. Are you using ISU equipment and time to research BLNNews? That is an ethics violation.



  1. […] Benjamin had previously found contract(s) Illinois State had with a different immigration law firm in 2011 that was worth $70,000, and was renewable for up to 9 years. That 2011 contract paid the firm of Masuda, Funai, Eifert, and Mitchell so that it could help the University obtain H1-B visas for people. This contract and others like it provided that the University would pay for the processes and other fees and expenses related to bringing in the immigrant to work at the Normal school. […]


  2. […] ISU is paying the expenses to bring foreign teachers in, are they planning to pay for foreign students too? […]


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