Bloomington got lucky – for now (kidding)

No – you aren’t safe.  Evidently everybody can’t attend, so they changed the meeting from Committee of the Whole to Special Meeting.   By:  Diane Benjamin Mayor-Developer Renner just can’t stop creating his version of utopia in Bloomington.  He’s the king of paying people (with your money) to create economic development.  The local, state, and […]

Normal: Do you find it suspicious?

By:  Diane Benjamin Elections for Councilmen in Normal are At-Large.  If anybody in Normal cares, contact the ACLU.  They have filed many lawsuits against At-Large elections because the elected don’t necessarily reflect the population.  It’s possible all the elected could live in the same neighborhood – the rest of the City would be immaterial.  In […]

Fly on the Wall: Normal Tax Increase

I hear Normal’s investments aren’t performing as predicted, so they need an 11% property tax increase! How are your investments?  How’s your income, for the last 5 years a whole lot of people have seen decreases.  Have your hours been cut to part-time?  Are you under-employed?  Are groceries costing more?  How about gas?  You aren’t […]