Government is creating this:

By: Diane Benjamin

The video below was sent to me by a reader. The original post doesn’t say where this took place:

The part you need to see is at 23:00. Business owners are meeting with the like-minded because they have had enough of government telling them when and how they can operate.

The mayors of Bloomington and Normal (and Pritzker) are creating people like the guy who is speaking. His speech is about 1 1/2 minutes long. The Normal Council will be completely replaced next April, Tari Renner is lucky to not be running again. Anyone who believes they have a right to destroy freedom will not be in office long.

8 thoughts on “Government is creating this:

  1. The state of Illinois has seen over 16,000 deaths from COV-19. There are today 4,453 new confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 Monday, including 105 additional deaths. Illinois becomes the 6th state to report 16,000 or more deaths from COVID-19, following New York, Texas, California, Florida and New Jersey. As of Sunday night, 4,243 people in Illinois were reported to be hospitalized with COVID-19. Of those, 884 patients were in the ICU and 515 patients were on ventilators.

    The preliminary seven-day statewide positivity for cases as a percent of total tests from Dec. 21 to Dec. 27 is 7.2%. The preliminary seven-day statewide test positivity from Dec. 21 to Dec. 27 is 8.7%. The positivity rate is going up.

    We are in a middle of a pandemic which is not over. No one is trying to take your freedoms, but you seem hell bent on spreading misinformation.


      1. Exactly, stay in, “work from home”, “social distance” and have everything delivered to you, but a lot of other people can’t do that. Death rate from JUST covid is quite low, even the “exalted” CDC has even had to admit that. This entire thing has been blown so out of proportion it’s not in the least amusing. Goal posts moved constantly, blaming healthy people for being out and about trying to live semi-normal lives, restaurants and other small businesses devastated – hint – servers don’t make much money with ‘take out” nor do they have many hours, and people are not going to “enjoy outside dining” in the middle of January when its -5 degrees outside. 100% agree with you Diane, that one can “stay home” and help destroy lives, wonder how their vitamin D levels are? Most people who die of the Rona have very low Vitamin D levels by the way, which happens when one shuts oneself up like a mushroom, humans do not thrive “indoors”.

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    1. Actually, the positivity rate has been going down for the past two weeks. The 16,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19 per total population of Illinois is 0.1%. The total number of US deaths is also 0.1%. Other illnesses and deaths are on the rise due to the shut-down. There needs to be a common-sense balance based on the most recent data & recommendations from the CDC & WHO.

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  2. Lol, Jerry those numbers are somewhat convincing when that’s all you cherry pick. It looks like you missed the admission of inflated numbers by the CDC and WHO. You also missed Dr. Fauci the grinch doc that tried to steal Christmas that has admitted that he lied! If lockdowns work, why do we still need them? Bet you also missed the info about that nurse that fainted on live tv taking the covid vaccine that died ten hours later. Did you hear about the people in Florida that received letters in the mail noting they tested positive but actually never got the test?! A friend of mine actually knows three of those folks. Overall deaths, no significant increase. We are in the middle of a PLANdemic. Go ahead and look up Event 201. Several sources note that PCR tests are 96% false positives! Oh Jerry there is so much more information out there I wish you’d turn that damned government propaganda off before you hurt yourself.

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