Fly on the Wall: Normal Tax Increase

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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I hear Normal’s investments aren’t performing as predicted, so they need an 11% property tax increase!

How are your investments?  How’s your income, for the last 5 years a whole lot of people have seen decreases.  Have your hours been cut to part-time?  Are you under-employed?  Are groceries costing more?  How about gas?  You aren’t riding a bike yet?

Maybe you need an 11% increase!

Of course, people have to adjust their budgets.

Government just raises taxes.

Thank goodness “Uptown” isn’t costing you money too.


3 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Normal Tax Increase

  1. Do they claim that they learned about their investment returns only since they committed to ISU’s new football scoreboard?

  2. Suckers don’t know that they are suckers so therefore they continue to be suckers. Koos, Peterson, and company are the welcome new players at the card table that they think is a friendly game.

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