Gun grabbers in Illinois!

Some Illinois leaders want your guns instead locking up criminals with guns.  Criminals will always have guns, law-abiding citizens are the ones at risk:

Check out ISRA’s website at!



12 thoughts on “Gun grabbers in Illinois!

    1. If you actually read it, which I’m positive you didn’t, you wouldn’t make such stupid comments. I wished you lived next door so I could but a sign in my yard: Go rob them – no guns in their house.


    2. Tom. I’ll give you your point that O hasn’t come to my house and “grabbed” any guns that may or may not be there.

      But don’t think for a second that we’re ignorant or stupid and don’t see what he IS doing.

      Legislation, executive orders, taxes/fees, licensing/registration and court decisions have made it tougher to live out our 2A rights (which, shall not be infringed). School kids are told that guns are bad…creating a generation that doesn’t KNOW what their 2A rights are for, and why we have that right. His lapdog media carries stories of gun violence only if it fits his narrative.

      So no…he hasn’t “grabbed” any guns….but because all he knows is community organizing, his approach to making the 2A irrelevant and “grabbing” guns is to slowly take away that right…before we know it’s gone. By the time we wake up and demand a stop to it, it’s too late.


    3. Lord knows he tried and FAILED!

      Thanks be to God we won the day on that one.

      Sent from nowhere near Commie Tommies la-la land


  1. Since I am very questioning, I investigated this to verify the information. Just an FYI on what I found
    -HB1016 was introduced by Michael J Madigan and titled :

    State of Illinois
    2015 and 2016

    Introduced , by Rep. Michael J. Madigan
    415 ILCS 5/21 from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 1021

    Amends the Environmental Protection Act. Makes a technical change in a Section concerning acts prohibited under the Act.

    Then it was amended by Kathleen Willis on 5/11/2016 to:
    09900HB1016ham001 LRB099 04847 RLC 47955 a
    2 AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 1016 by replacing
    3 everything after the enacting clause with the following:

    4 “Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the Gun
    5 Dealer Licensing Act.

    So, how did an EPA Technical change become a Gun Dealer Licensing Act???


    1. It’s a trick used all the time. To save time, they take a bill that has already been through 1 or 2 readings and replace the text with what they really want. It’s called a shell bill. Sneaky way to get something to the floor when time isn’t on their side or they want to avoid scrutiny.


  2. I spoke with the offices of my Representative and Senator, as well as Representative Willis and Senator Harmon and voiced my displeasure at the bill and at the sneaky way it is being done. I asked for an explanation and was assured a return call. I have my doubts.


  3. The majority of the stuff in this bill is already being done. The bill just puts it in plain site. It’s either idiots shooting innocent people, idiots who are shot by responsible gun owners, or idiots shooting idiots. Then there is the small group who love to see the world burn. Less laws or more long as some jack wagon can amass an arsenal to fight an imaginary war, there will be the existential argument about how armed do we really need to be? From now on I don’t care whether it’s a right or not, if people want to be idiots, I say go ahead. If we spent 1/100th of energy used to create deadlier weapons on some other per suit (healthcare, education, etc). Maybe it would not be as much a problem.


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