Internet Back – Sad for the City!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I remember listening to David Hales on WJBC talking about Bloomington’s budget.  He lamented everything possible had already been cut.  Any more cuts wouldn’t be fat or meat – it would be bone.

Well, a citizen took it on himself to get a DETAILED line item budget.  Thanks Bruce Meeks.  The Council didn’t have this report before passing a budget.  I bet citizens can still find fat, without ever going near bone.  A lot of you now have these details, more eyes would be helpful.  Since Hales can’t find the waste, let’s help him out:  FY 2017 Budget Detail

I’ve reported numerous times about the exploding Administration budget.  Here’s one:

Admin starts on page 27.  Total:  $1 ,197,407.95

The City didn’t have a Communication Director until a few years ago.  Now she costs you $67,009 before massive benefits.

David Hales got a raise on May 9, 2016 to $185,190.05.  The budget was prepared prior.  Evidently Hales was expecting more:

halessalDavid’s car allowance Plus you get to pay for employee parking:

parkAll talk, no action, nothing ever changes after these retreats.  I think citizens make better performance auditors, they aren’t happy.


Must be hazardous:
Another ignored citizens survey:
Community Relations-see report for details:
Citizens Summit – also ignored:
Council Expense – includes travel

Much more is in the budget detail report.  Stay tuned….

If you find something – send it to me!





3 thoughts on “Internet Back – Sad for the City!

  1. A quick scan only made me aware of what I consider to be a bloated administrative staff in numerous areas with benefits and salaries higher than private sector employees.


  2. If the Council didn’t have a line item budget for FY2017 before voting, why should anyone think the Budget Task Force had the line item budget for FY2016 prior to making recommendations to the Council.


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