Developers don’t have to pay

By: Diane Benjamin

I still don’t have internet – worse no expected day, month, or year it will be fixed.  Posts will be limited or non-existent until it’s repaired.

Previously Snyder owed the City of Bloomington over $5 MILLION in development fees. Has he paid the bill?

I really doubt it!

At tonight’s Council meeting Snyder gets permission for an 8th addition to Brookridge Apartments. See item 7L – but you have to read the packet. The agenda would never mention Snyder. Somebody might ask questions.

See page 109 and following:

Friends of government get special favors – your taxes get raised.

8 thoughts on “Developers don’t have to pay

  1. Brookridge Apartments,” developed by Snyder, located on the eastern periphery of the City @ Ireland Grove and Hersey, is part of the urban sprawl. Snyder is also the one responsible for the development of the far South end of the City. Owing the City that much money while the City raises Home Rule Sales Tax by 1%, Liquor License fees and, soon, garbage collection fees is repulsive–this, after adding Amusement Tax and increasing Utility taxes.
    Although, not the most expensive rent, these apartments are far from providing affordable housing. And, I don’t believe Connect Transit will be providing bus service to that location.


    1. The item 7L is part of the Consent Agenda. Those items are considered “routine business” and therefore decided in advance and passed without discussion. Public comment regarding this will have little or no impact–not that is ever does. Having said that, it does make the Council, Manager and Staff aware they are being watched when someone speaks about a specific concern.


    1. Last Fall, Mr. Jurgens helped the City enter into a settlement with Snyder for paying back the $6M owed for Fox Creed, interest free, over an additional 7 years, as well as issues with his development which includes the Brickridge Apartments. Most of the background information can be found in the packets from the meeting(s) where the Council voted.


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