NORMAL (again)

By:  Diane Benjamin

For all new readers, back in 2012 I studied how Normal acquired all the properties for Uptown.  I included how many they bought and how many properties they GAVE away.  This is one recap:

According to the bird-cage-liner, Normal is still at it.  The Town bought three properties on North School because they didn’t like how they became student housing.  Evidently students are expected to live in the new pricey Town-approved housing since ISU torn down the dorms.  It’s too difficult to work with the owners to fix problems – so just pay them off.

The Town purchased one house for $190,000 and sold it for $45,000.  Two others were purchased for $150,000 and $170,000.  No word on what they sold for, if they have.

Monday night they bought another house on Pine Street.  That one is permanently off the tax roles now.

I wonder how many others they own and how much of your money they expect to lose – just because they can?

Mad YET?







6 thoughts on “NORMAL (again)

  1. The other two on School have sold signs on them.

    FYI, tearing down two residence halls has nothing to do with it. They replaced them with Cardinal Court.

  2. Well yeah, pretty much anything King Koos and his council spend money on is a waste 🙂

  3. No it’s not a giant conspiracy. Glad you pointed out that Agenda 21 housing is real. You must have read the 297 page book. Bravo!

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