Bloomington made the Huffington Post

By:  Diane Benjamin

The title of the HuffPo story is:

The story claims Bloomington has “affordable rent”.

Didn’t the League of Women Voters just do an analysis that claimed rent wasn’t affordable?  Isn’t there a lot of talk about needing more public housing?

It gets better.  Bloomington supposedly has hipster-cool music venues.

The story doesn’t mention the Coliseum or the BCPA.

They name the Castle Theatre.  Looks like private ownership gives people what they really want.

I wonder if Tari will mention the story at the next Council meeting?

The picture of downtown Bloomington makes it look pretty good, almost like further investment isn’t needed.





5 thoughts on “Bloomington made the Huffington Post

  1. Ironic Diane! Why just in TODAY’S version of the Pantagraph is a story about how the fine DOWNTOWN folks are having a tough time with homeless folks-ONE in particular, who got his bench tarred a while back, so maybe THAT’S affordable housing. There is GOOD music here, in the PRIVATE sector. So no government intervention is needed there, but MAYBE we should put sharp rocks on the underpasses to keep homeless folks from “hanging out ” there like they are doing in California-YOUR turn to say something else stupid TOM! As the do gooders in CA say that putting sharp rocks in the underpasses is “cruel and unusual”. We’ll see what “Thought manager” Tari has to say about this story come Monday.


  2. Diane, after giving this some thought it occurs to me that this would be an article Tone Deaf Tari could point out to his constituents as a testament to the great job he has done as mayor. I figure his staunch supporters are likely big fans of Huffingtons left wing rhetorical rag and would consider such a story a resounding endorsement of the current administration. If I am right he will be very proud of this article and go out of his way to bring it up at the next meeting. It will be interesting to see what happens.


  3. The article is a summary of where new college graduates will thrive. According to the article, the definition given for a stellar ‘quality of life,’ is higher-than-average incomes with lower-than-average rents. Well, if the incomes are higher than normal, which they are if you look at the major employers, of course the rents will be proportionately lower. The article says nothing about the fact that many recent local graduates are under-employed and are struggling to find affordable places to rent. Additionally, the population listed in the article includes Normal. Look closely at the photo of downtown and tell me it is not airbrushed.


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