Tax recap – by request

By: Diane Benjamin

A reader asked me yesterday to list all the taxes Bloomington charges, so I will.

The current total local sales tax rate in Bloomington, IL is 8.750%.

Sales Tax Breakdown

District Rate
Illinois State 6.250%
McLean County 0.000%
Bloomington 2.500%
Total   8.750%

Sales tax was increase 1% as of January 1st under Renner.

Amusement Tax 4%  A new tax under Renner

Motor Fuel Tax A new tax of 4 cents per gallon added under Renner

Utility Taxes: Gas, Water, Telecommunication, Electric, and Municipal Gas Use Tax – increased under Renner

Food and Beverage Tax – 2% on top of Sales Taxes for a total of 10.75%

Hotel Motel Tax – 6% for the “privilege” of renting a room. (“Privilege” is FROM the City website) 2% goes to the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

Package Liquor – 4%

Misc other taxes:

Auto Rental

Video Gaming – Renner wants to increase

Vehicle Use Tax

Building Permits

Franchise Tax

Ambulance Fee

Use Tax – tax for buying out of state

Garbage Fees – increased under Renner, he wants more

Tari wants another 4 years as mayor?

In 3 years he stole a lot more of your money, just think what he will do with 8 years!

The State of Illinois also use “privilege” to justify taxes.  Citizens should be outraged they need permission to live as they chose.  Government creates “rights”  to control you.

What about Normal?

Normal lists .25 as a County tax: and only 5% for the State.  Their website in incorrect!  State income tax isn’t 5% either.  Maybe the others are correct.






16 thoughts on “Tax recap – by request

  1. If the use tax is the tax on automobile purchases, that is applied on every vehicle purchased by a Bloomington resident. Purchases inside the city have it included in the final sale price. Purchases outside the city get a tax bill sent a couple weeks later.


    1. There is a use tax to be paid for internet purchases when no sales tax is charged. It was difficult to enforce so places like Amazon now charge local tax.


  2. Your use of the word stole makes you sound ignorant.

    Try a dictionary. He was elected by a majority of voters.

    While I agree with you 100% on his effectiveness you shrill rhetoric again marginalizes you.

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. I will continue to call it theft – being elected doesn’t mean you have rights to more money, especially when it was never mentioned during the campaign.


    2. “Taking the state wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators, and beneficiaries from those of a professional criminal class.”

      Albert J. Nock


  3. Earmarking — .25% of the 1% increase which took effect on January 1, 2016 is sent to
    McLean County to support Mental Health Care.
    Another .25% of the 1% increase which took effect on January 1, 2016 is
    transferred to Capital Improvement Fund for Road Resurfacing and Sidewalk
    Although not earmarked, approximately .25% is used to support the Coliseum bonds and .25% is used to support the Cultural District annually.

    Click to access fy-2017-budget-detail.pdf

    The Amusement Tax includes Movies (both in theaters and rentals), Bowling, BCPA, Coliseum, Zoo, Golf, Cable. So, seeing increases in revenue for the Zoo, etc. it is not necessarily due to increased use. Using Cable for watching TV/Movies at home is also taxed with the Franchise tax.


  4. “In 3 years he stole a lot more of your money”
    The bad thing is nothing to show for what he did with it. Nothing visible that I can see and I’m not just the only one who can see this too.

    Yesterday I was out in Normal and I turned into the entrance to where Target is at south of College Ave. If I’m not mistaken that is city owned and maintained. What a mosaic mess of patching holes. In both B/N the streets are becoming a mess. Driving around IAA drive about where Verizon is at is another bad area. Wagon trails probably had a better surface. Both city councils and mayors are a joke.


    1. IAA Drive near Verizon is included in the Empire Corridor TIF district which will be in place for 23 years. The increased property tax revenue from the redevelopment area can be used to fix those streets–not to say when or if the money will be used for that.


      1. The Council babbles about a lot of things. The key words used are “could” or “might” to appease the other taxing bodies who objected to the TIF. At this point, I believe the standard is being used. Capping could be voted in the future. The timeline could be reduced with Council approval. Smoke and mirrors with a dose of manipulation is how Hales and Renner roll.


  5. Ask YOURSELF, other then raising taxes across the board, WHAT has this current administration accomplished? Our streets have large potholes, the budget “task farce” was exactly that, we don’t have BETTER garbage, recycle, general services, and they EAT on our money. But we DO have more real estate-land to build MORE administrative offices and hire more “Wallys”


  6. Food and Beverage Tax – 2% on top of Sales Taxes for a total of 10.25%.
    Just for the record to correct a simple math error, the 10.25% should be 10.75%.


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