Budgeted consultants

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below are some consulting items I’ve found in the 2017 Detailed Budget:  FY 2017 Budget Detail

There are others in Water Admin and Engineering that I didn’t post.  Some items do require consultants.




If this work is really needed, contract work is cheaper than adding more pensions and benefits to the budget:

Performance Auditor position was originally budgeted in FT salaries/benefits in FY14 but was moved to this account for contractual work.  $116,000.00
Internal Auditor position was originally budgeted in FT salaries/benefits in FY14 but was moved to this account for  contractual work.  $94,430.00


Economic Development Consulting Services & Studies as Needed.  $217,250.00
Project-based evaluation related to incentive requests City-wide and specifically in Downtown Bloomington and in the proposed Empire Street Corridor Redevelopment Project Area. Outside legal support for drafting incentive agreements. Studies necessary to create TIF Districts, SSA, BID, etc. to support economic development efforts. (In prior years the City contracted with the National Development Council on an annual basis for $60,000 for ongoing ED
support – that amount is now grouped into this budget line).




FAC MAINT Other Prof and Tech $80,000.00
Consultant fees for facility improvements.


Page 501:

Transfer to Cap Imp for Consultant fees for a program study of City use of space for personnel.  $120,000

Page 568:

Consultant fees for a program study of City use of space for personnel  $120,000

If Page 501 was really a transfer, it would have been listed as a negative number.  Neither page shows the $120,000 as a negative.


What consultants aren’t budgeted?  Watch the Council agenda.


Did you know:

SOL WASTE Recycle Transfer Fee $150,000.00

Budget for expenditures on contract for receiving recyclables with Midwest Fiber approved by the City Council on April 27, 2015. Due to current commodities trend, the recycle transfer fees are increasing drastically.








  1. Cavewoman says:

    They really need to stop doing those retreats!! What a waste of my tax money!


  2. Finally Bloomington is No. 1 in something. Yep they are No. 1 Suckers for hiring consultants. I bet there is a reference guide out there somewhere that sends consulting firms our way for being so gullible for every salesman that comes along.To be expected though as when Obama is at international mayor conferences you gotta know that learnig how to fleece the taxpayers is part of the curriculum.


  3. Kyle McCarter says:

    Please remove me from the list. Thank you.

    Sen. Kyle McCarter Sent from my iPhone


  4. I often said , while working for the government, “I should have been a consultant”. Consultants are often paid big bucks to tell highly paid professional leaders the same thing I could have told them for free.


  5. DEBRA JEAKINS says:

    Just waiting for a consultant fee to determine what consultant to use!


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