Ian is gone again

By:  Diane Benjamin

Ian Bayne is no longer at 98.3.

I know a lot about what happened, but I’m not talking.

Please take the poll.  I’m sure he would run on “Taking Bloomington Back” from the big spenders.




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21 thoughts on “Ian is gone again

  1. Most entertaining mayoral campaign ever. Hell, yeah, I’ll cast my vote in this highly unscientific, self-fulfilling survey. BTW, why aren’t you talking. I thought you reported the news no one else does.

  2. Get sued? As long as what you say is TRUE you will be fine! Is it true he was such a failure that he couldn’t get any listeners, and hence any sponsors, so they asked him to leave? They couldn’t fire him because he wasn’t even making a salary. Do you know the truth or do you know that gifted Ian’s story?

      1. So when you say you know a lot about what happened, you mean you have *heard* a lot about what happened?

      2. Your proof of some stories is also your belief and view of things without any evidence. For example, how homosexuals are running the sanctity of marriage. 100% your thought with no proof.

        1. Where did I say that? I said I have a right to my beliefs without government telling me I’m wrong. You implied something completely different.

      3. I implied nothing incorrectly. You wrote a story more than a year ago about religious freedoms with undertones of marriage and how gay rights were basically the anti-Christ.

        Your message never changes, but your intended audience does.

        For a self-proclaimed religious woman, your beliefs are not one of someone with an open mind of thought that would welcome anyone into God’s arms.

        As I’ve said before, you like to hide behind your interpretations of the Bible. It’s what you believe.

  3. He said it was due to financial mismanagement. Not sure what that entails. So he got axed by 92.9 and leaves 98.3. By all accounts, 98.3 is the perfect base for Ian’s brand. And he wasn’t falling for the Trump train. If I were him, I wouldn’t bother with this part of the state or Illinois in general. He probably could be much happier writing columns for Breitbart or Blaze. I don’t care for him but getting chewed up and spit out by two conservative bastions makes it look like he’s not a yes man and doesn’t mind telling management that they doing something wrong. I can respect that, especially when the product becomes so produced it ceases to resemble one man’s political view. If he had Rush’s notoriety, he would hop to the next market. He should be his own man and just get out in the campaigns and swear off radio for awhile,

  4. Man… so the whole station is no longer talk radio format. Too bad… Cities is now sponsored by local government. I feel like puking when the Bloomington/normal is great campaign comes on. I like living here, but don’t like people spending tax money to tell me that I like living here. I lived in Decatur when they started giving out “Decatur we like it here” bumper stickers. It’s never a good thing to have to sell this to your own citizens. Please cover this story… tell us the who/what/when/why. I like Ian and would probably vote for him, but I was kinda hoping that Judy Stearns or Kevin Lower would run.

  5. Personally, I don’t think he should run for Mayor. I was never a fan of Ian on Cities. I listened occasionally on 98.3. I would hope that within the next month or so that candidates who are electable will start their campaigns. I am not sure Ian is electable. One thing for sure, we need a new Mayor and several new Alderman.

  6. Actually, feel free to delete any and all comments I’ve ever posted. I’ll exercise my right to not visit your site again. It’s far-far-right rhetoric that applies to the few.

    If you could use all your powers for good, I honestly think you’d be on the County Board. You do have some valid points, but they’re always followed by complaining, twisting, and other things.

    1. BNT, Please explain to me how advocating for honesty and accountability by public officials, careful and respectful use of taxpayer dollars, and traditional morality represents “far-far-right rhetoric”? Your Marxist indoctrination and intellectual dishonesty are showing, big-time.

  7. Is Ian off twetter and fakebook ? I can”t seem to find him. I hope BLM can pass on his whereabouts so we can follow him. I think he was great and this town’s officials suck big time and need to be removed ASAP. I too am from Decatur and I like living here but if this BS continues I’m seriously considering to move. Ian for Mayor

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