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18 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. Best post I have ever read here, sadly there are those in this country that dont even know what Memorial Day is all about. Thank you Diane


  2. Diane, Thank you for posting. This is what Obama and the liberals are trying to take away but as long as we have a voice and use it, they will not be able to. Keep the voices coming


    1. I was wondering how long it would take before a post criticizing liberalism would be made. Take a moment to realize that a lot of servicemen and women are in the ground or crippled not because of liberalism, conservatism or any other ism of the American political system. They are there because evil is real and no matter who it is, our servicemen and women have paid the ultimate sacrifice due to incompetence on both sides of the political spectrum. But I guess they died so you could make a political promo on a day of remembrance.


      1. If you find a perfect country please move there. Yes we’ve made mistakes, but America has freed millions of people and lifted the standard of living for a lot more.


      2. No one forced you to click on this page. So, stop telling us how we should think and express our opinions. I bet you I would not see the same “diarrhea of the mouth” that comes from you if this was a picture of a dead “Illegal Alien”, a dead young black man or a dead Bruce Jenner. Instead, you would be heaping praises about this site, expressing your solidarity with the dead and demanding justice! You would use it to show your pedant skills of what is wrong with America and “White Privilege”. Admit it, you can not bear the fact that the dead veteran has something that you do not have, can not have and will never have . . . “You have been tested and found wanting.”


      3. Wow! You got all that from just one paragraph. Not by actually engaging me in dialogue but by making assumptions on who I am. If reading comprehension was your strong suit, you would have surmised that I, in no way disparaged ANY veteran let alone any one dead serviceman or woman. You are making a statement based on nothing but your pure loutishness. Liberalism is not taking away from these veterans anymore than W did when he lied about weapons of mass destruction.


      4. Amazing how suddenly you invoke innocence and dialogue with a twinge of liberal talking points when confronted. Your attempt in sarcastic dialogue using textbook liberal tactic of deflect, deny and repeat might work with the minions that you associate with. You post a comment that you know will illicit reactions, yet you feign innocence, for you believe that you speak the truth. You cannot stand being challenged and contradicted.. It annoys you, it angers you and it proves that you are wrong. I believe you do not have the courage to post “I guess they died so you could make a political promo on a day of remembrance.” to any liberal pandering site in fear of offending your friends. As far as dialogue with you is concerned, it is like teaching a pig how to sing. It wastes your time and it annoys the pig!


      5. How about I tell you what I meant by my post before you embarrass yourself again? For once I would like to go through a national holiday without some person interjecting political nonsense. I even said yesterday, “some idiot will make a comment about Liberalism and Obama.” Low and behold, here we are. Plenty of freedoms can be taken away independent of the politics. But you know what? Save your “Beat Liberalism” for the day after. At least then you gave these Veterans a day to be remembered without someone making it Liberalism, Communism, Socialism, Conservatism or any other isms fault. Who cares? They fought for us no matter who we are. God Bless the USA, but God Bless the person who can leave their politics at the door.
        Now I would be happy to rip apart your $49.95 training in countering Liberals tomorrow. Don’t kid yourself, there were Conservatives who admired Sal Alinsky. Talking points? Right back at ya Ronald. This here is 100% X. Come up with some new material and just maybe you will come across as authentic and not an Anti-Liberal drone. Now go feed your pig,


      6. Today is the day to remember and honor those who died defending our freedom to speak without fear of repression. But, it disturbs me that on Memorial Day there is politizing and unnessary personal attacks. This Day is not about us but rather the departed.


  3. In WWII dad was on the front line-78 Lightning division. SOMEWHERE (they NEVER told them where they were at) they liberated a Nazi work camp. THOUSANDS of Poles, Czechs, Eastern Europeans, etc. Stormed the liberating forces and brought the WHOLE regiment-5,000 men with tanks, guns, etc to a total halt! The people showed them pictures, jewelry, etc , that were moments of loved ones, that they knew nothing about (being enslaved) they were told they were free to do what they wanted, so they did. That evening MANY of them returned to that work camp to sleep, as that was the ONLY place they had to go, only now the gates to freedom were open for the first time in years. Have a safe Memorial Day.


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