Facebook Bias

By:  Diane Benjamin

Facebook has been in the news lately for blocking conservative posts.  Need proof?


Except nobody reported the post.  It was auto-reported to Facebook.  In other words, FACEBOOK reported this post to itself.  As an Admin on the site I can go ahead and approve the post if I want.

Meanwhile, nobody in the group saw it.

How many posts is Facebook blocking?

Nobody knows.  It’s important you know it’s happening.

How long will it take Facebook to suspend me?  Stay tuned.





6 thoughts on “Facebook Bias

  1. Private business Diane. I thought the Tea Party was for freedom…I guess like all other parties you only want a free press when it benefits you.


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    1. Clueless as usual. They claim they don’t. If they want to limit conservative speech they need to announce it, not deceive users.

  2. The auto-report was rolled out in April by Facebook to auto remove objectionable or inappropriate content. They thought it would help group admins. It’s imperfect technology and prone to flag content incorrectly. That’s why you can override the block. They had issues when photos of moms breastfeeding were removed. Not exactly porn. But it was being removed. Yes people know about it but it never got attention in mainstream media until group admins noticed it. It has nothing to do with media bias. See if you can get notifications set-up and you will be notified if something is auto-blocked. Facebook could do a better job of publicizing updated but those go to tech blogs and sites.

    Now the news curators are a different story and you have individuals who act on their own and ignore protocol. Plenty of employees have said they were never told to block certain content. That is on Facebook to monitor that but it is not an indication of company policy or practice. Nonetheless they changed the guidelines and sent people for retraining.

  3. Facebook is for bored people with stupid pets anyway Diane! Hey Tom, I have a Nazi flag that my father “commandeered” in WWII IF you’d like to borrow it! Otherwise, find a Hillary blog and say something stupid on it instead of wasting OUR time! Thank you very much.

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