More eating at your expense:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll for Monday night:

Is Tari doing “working/business lunches” by himself now?

City Council Exp  Paypal Bn Mclp $ 250.00  MCLP Graduation Celeb S.Rasmussen, Mayor & Council
City Council Exp Monicals Pizza $ 140.30 French student exchange luncheon with T.Renner
City Council Exp Station 220 Inc $ 47.50 Business lunch T.Renner, R.Fazzini & S.Malliet
City Council Exp Station 220 Inc $ 22.75 Business lunch T.Renner
City Council Exp Medici $ 45.00 Business lunch T.Renner & S.Jackson
City Council Exp Jimmy John’s $ 43.60 Working lunch Admin, Finance, Legal & VenuWorks
City Council Exp Jimmy John’s $ 118.13 City Council light meal
City Council Exp Rosie’s Pub $ 14.50 Business lunch T.Renner
City Council Exp Sq Coffee Hound $ 8.04 Business mtg for T.Renner
City Council Exp Rosie’s Pub $ 21.00 Business lunch T.Renner
City Council Exp Biaggi’s $ 39.05 Business lunch T.Renner & M.Lee
City Council Exp Swingers GrIlle $ 34.00 Business lunch T.Renner & S.Black
City Council Exp Rosie’s Pub $ 32.50 Business lunch T.Renner & B.Whisman

Periodicals Chicago Trib Subscription $ 166.59 Subscription renewal 3/16 – 6/16

Prof Dev Paypal Bn Mclp $ 50.00 MCLP Graduation Celebration S.Rasmussen, Mayor & Council
Prof Dev Cpsm $ ( 1,550.00) Reg Refund D.Hales & B.Heffner 21st Century Policing Event
Prof Dev Jimmy John’s $ 17.87 Business lunch for D.Hales & D.Sage
Prof Dev Jewel $ 12.00 Office beverages
Prof Dev IHOP $ 13.32 Business breakfast D.Hales with B.Wasson
Prof Dev Jimmy John’s $ 1 7.00 Working lunch D.Hales & S.Rasmussen
Prof Dev Monicals Pizza $ 51.25 CIP – Working lunch





10 thoughts on “More eating at your expense:

  1. Maybe Renner doesn’t want to divulge with whom he is having lunch. IRS requires “A restaurant receipt is enough to prove an expense for a business meal if it has all of the following information. •The name and location of the restaurant. •The number of people served. •The date and amount of the expense….Proving business purpose. You must generally provide a written statement of the business purpose of an expense.” I wonder if they are keeping the more detailed business purpose information for their records. I would hope that he’s not just eating on the taxpayer’s dime.


  2. Tari spent $264.34 on 9 lunches! SOMEBODY call the I.R.S as that’s taxable income! And he’s not even showing it like Hales would! Wonder what those “light lunches” for the council consist of?


    1. Pizzas, Panera, Avanti’s or Jimmy Johns to name a few. The order usually is large enough to feed Staff as well before Council meetings. Staff takes home the left-overs.
      i don’t consider lunch by oneself to be a business lunch.


    1. Funny!! Mayor Renner said “there is no free lunch” multiple times when imposing the Sales Tax increase. Double standard!!


  3. I do greatly enjoy seeing the lunch posts because it’s infuriating that he continues to do this. Why? Buy your own lunch Dictator Renner.

    For all the fees you’ve increased, taxes you’ve raised, and much more, you shouldn’t be doing this. It’s not appropriate whether it’s supported by policy or not.

    Glad you’ve kept all those campaign promises. And, since you casually complain about your mayoral salary on WJBC, then quit. We’d be better off.

    I’d like to see Alderwoman Schmidt in his spot because she would be fair, liberal, and socially conscious. He is none of those.


    1. There is no policy providing for paid lunches. “It’s just how it’s always been.” The taxpayers provide offices for Hales and Renner. Any business meeting should be conducted there.


  4. Agreed SKUNK! Besides, with a BAG LUNCH, you can eat healthy and sustainable! Of which I see NEITHER on ANY of the 9 lunches! PLUS eating @ Medici is supporting UPTOWN! so do WE get the tax money BACK on that? This CRAP HAS GOT TO STOP!


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