The promised Surprise:

By:  Diane Benjamin

The sub-title for BlnNews is News Nobody Reports.  Citizens are tired of getting news from government sponsored sources who never express independent thoughts or do any investigations.

I can prove it.  Today BlnNews crossed ONE MILLION page views:


Obviously a lot of people want real news. 

Are you willingly to help keep it?

If you appreciate the truth, please contribute!









6 thoughts on “The promised Surprise:

  1. I don’t always agree with your rhetoric and approach because 95% of the time it always seems like it’s just complaining vs. taking action to solve something. Or, it seems like you collect the facts you want to spin it your way vs. all of the facts.

    Many people come back to roll their eyes. If you used all your powers for good and advancement vs. being a far right wing tyrant, it would be better!! #honestfeedback


    1. There is always a political spin in the media–some liberal leaning, some conservative. For the most part, researched facts are presented in this blog. As with all writings, interpretation is left to the reader.
      My take on the hits is curiosity, information gathering and checking replies.


      1. I think today’s conservative is tomorrow’s establishment figure, whether true or not. I don’t think any political movement can get beyond the prostitution that is required to make any real changes or preserve long-standing foundational principles. You can say you are one thing or the other but at some point you get down on your knees to say your political career. Groups and not individuals control politics and it is drowning out the voices of people who really deserve a say because they have the most to lose or gain. As long as you are OK with muck and grime, maybe some worthwhile people will come through and truly be the leaders we need.


  2. Congrats! That is a huge number of page views and something to be proud of. Thanks again for your hard work in shining a light on how our taxpayer dollars are really being spent.


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