Add “Arrogant” to Tyranny Tari!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Mayor Tyranny had been threatening for at least a week to veto the budget if  the tax increases he wanted didn’t pass.  He has the City legal staff at his disposal to research the veto, but evidently he didn’t consult them.

TT’s veto at the Monday night meeting has been declared illegal – he has to wait for the next regular meeting, or wait at least 5 days to call another meeting.  His declared Friday meeting was also deemed illegal.

This mayor is a political science professor!

Researching the law is immaterial TT?

Laws don’t matter?  Was your oath of office was immaterial?

Still sending your kids to IWU? 

Maybe Monday a REAL discussion of priorities and spending can take place.  Drop the 2 minutes apiece for Aldermen to speak Tari.  The Council was elected by their Wards and they have the responsibility to not only speak but to make proposals for cuts if they want any.  It’s time for the potted plants to declare your “cultural change” Alive and Well or DEAD on arrival.

Put each item in contention on the agenda.  Have a vote on flamingos.  Have a vote on travel etc.  Have a vote on the Communications Director.  There is more – compile the list given to you by some of the Aldermen.   Put each on the agenda, let’s hear where the Aldermen really stand.

Start the discussion immediately for next year.  Spending priorities have never been established.  Every City program needs evaluated and justified.  The taxpayers are tapped out on “Quality of Life” spending.

A majority of Aldermen may approve your “Culture Change” minus the 17 new employees, but the citizens just might disprove of them.

Tari – Bloomington isn’t Normal where the Council is hand-picked just to rubber stamp whatever Koos wants.  I know you wish it was.  Maybe you can buy a new Council in the next election, but for now you can’t.  Deal with it.




7 thoughts on “Add “Arrogant” to Tyranny Tari!

  1. His interview on WGLT was interesting. His negative comments about the ENTIRE City Council were also amusing especially when he said that when he called for the meeting on Friday, some of the Alderman looked like they were birthin’ a watermelon!! TERRI YOU SOOOOOOOOO FUNNYYYY,,,NOT! As always, he lied, the host kissed his ring, and he sounded like he was drooling whenever he mentioned Koos name. Funny how powerful those man crushes are..,,,

  2. Your whole name-calling thing is infantile. Grow up.

    Someone Who Doesn’t Always Agree With Renner.

      1. What does my “name” have to do with anything? I’m not insulting anybody, and I’m sure not writing posts using childish language all the while complaining about the lack of a real media outlet in central Illinois.

  3. King Tari seems to be running Bloomington like Obama is running our country………………………….by breaking the laws that they swore an oath to uphold!

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