Flamingos? Council NOT given chance to say NO

by:  Diane Benjamin

Below is the survey completed by the alderman showing what cuts and revenue they would support.  It was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.  It also shows what David Hales and Mayor Renner are thinking.

It is difficult to read since each section is on 2 pages, it needs to be printed to see it clearly.

A couple of notes:

  • Renner knew he didn’t have support for the Utility Tax before the meeting.  see pages 15 and 16
  • Some revenue enhancements listed were not voted on – like increase Liquor License fees
  • Flamingos didn’t make the list of possible cuts
  • Cuts proposed by Alderwoman Stearns were not on the list for the other Alderman to approve or disprove: Communications Director position, Administration salaries, fees paid to out-of-town lawyers, food and travel moratorium, streets plan, and money given to the Downtown Bloomington Assoc.

Budget Revisions

I could spend a LOT of time analyzing the report.  Don’t hold your breathe, I’m not doing it.  It does shows an honest discussion of priorities never took place.








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