Bloomington: Beyond serious

by:  Diane Benjamin

Let’s get some facts on the table first.

  • Alderwoman Stearns is out of the country
  • Mayor Renner sent her more than one email yesterday inferring her budget numbers were incorrect and not contributing to the discussion
  • Mayor Renner did an interview with Rachel Wells at the Pantagraph conveying the same to her
  • Rachel Wells called Stearns (while she is out of the country) and wanted her to justify her numbers
  • Alderwoman Stearns forwarded at least one email from Mayor Renner as the only way to defend herself against the allegations he made
  • The tone set by Mayor Renner in his emails is condescending at best.

Then this morning Mayor Renner was on Cities 92.9 with Lee Newcom.  In the short time they had together, Mayor Renner told 2 big lies:

1)  The budget was discussed at the November retreat.  See this post: and then try clicking on the link to the minutes from the retreat.  It will not work.  Can anybody guess why the minutes to the November retreat were deleted?  The City of Bloomington reads all these posts – so if the minutes were moved somewhere else, please forward a new link.  Otherwise, the minutes magically disappeared for some unknown reason!

2)  The budget was released with $11,000,000 in new spending and 17 new employees without your permission.  Really Tari?  See the video of the February 24th City Council meeting which included a long presentation by numerous City employees discussing the proposed budget – that budget you claim David Hales released without your permission:

Here’s the bottom line Tari:  It is impossible to have budget discussions when one party is attempting to make the views of others immaterial through derogatory comments to the media and flat-out lying on facts.  You have cut off any discussion of cuts at meetings claiming there isn’t time.  You let the budget wait until discussion line by line wasn’t feasible.

The dysfunctional City Council lies squarely at your feet Mayor.  If you want the respect of the citizens and Aldermen, start giving them some instead of jamming tax increases through and lying about the process.  It’s extremely unbecoming and jeopardizes any trust Bloomington taxpayers have left in City Government.

Recent polls show only 28% of people in Illinois  trust government.

Tari, your actions are contributing to the problem.

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