by:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington residents:  Your taxes will be going up tonight.

Council members who said they would never vote for this or that will.  The potted plants will do as they are told.

Attend tonight’s meeting or watch it live on-line.  Any opposition to tax increases will be vilified and discussion cut off.   Common sense isn’t possible when Renner and Hales made sure there wasn’t time for it.

What taxes will they raise next year?

Watch Live here at 5:30:








2 thoughts on “Bloomington:

  1. I just looked over the meeting agenda for tonight. I will try to make it, but i doubt that will change anything. Were screwed, I wish I could leave this state.


  2. The potted plants, coliseum, and every other so called “quality of life” projects are why we moved out of Bloomington. Every time I heard the term “quality of life” I knew it was going to cost me more money… Even though the wife works in Normal we travel to Lincoln to shop.


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