Mayor Unhinged – the video

by:  Diane Benjamin

The Place:  Bloomington City Council meeting 4/28/2014

Topic:  2015 budget

Mayor Tari Renner got everything he wanted – 3 new taxes and almost no discussion of spending cuts.  2 Aldermen presented a list of cuts to be considered, the cuts were never discussed in open session.

Mayor Renner spent the Friday and Saturday before the meeting going to the media to discredit one of the Aldermen – Judy Stearns.  Stearns was out of the country over the weekend and was not available to counter the Mayor’s accusations.

The Mayor got the balanced budget he wanted without having to consider any cuts.  Start watching at 1:39:30.  Renner claims he is going to start a discussion of the 2016 budget now.  Instead he “comments”.

He claims the Council must be  non-partisan and then proclaims ideology should not play a part.  He claims the budget debate was bitter and venomous – he is right, but the venom came from him!   See this post:

He then goes on a personal attack against Alderwoman Stearns claiming her proposed cuts were absurd.  He never asked her to comment or justify her list.  Obviously his ideology of NOT considering cuts overrode any rights Alderwoman Stearns had to contributing to the budget negotiations.  Renner’s behavior then turned to the absurd and way beneath the dignity of the Office of Mayor!

Watch for yourself:


Even more amazing is that after some Council members stopped the Mayor’s attack, they went back to being potted plants.  Instead of condemning his behavior as inappropriate they returned to business as usual.

One more note:  The proposed cuts were by both Aldermen Stearns and Lower.  Why did Renner only attack Stearns?  Is this his version of the War on Women?  Does Renner actually believe Stearns would propose cuts that would endanger the citizens of Bloomington?  Stearns took the budget process very seriously.  Renner took the easy way out – just raise taxes.

Does anybody know where healthcare and gay marriage fit in?  I must have missed that line item in the budget or the debate.






4 thoughts on “Mayor Unhinged – the video

  1. Somebody, please educate me, but I do not recall any national partisan issues playing any public role in the budget debate. Where is he getting this from? If anyone is partisan, HE IS! I wish he would stop publically supporting national Democratic agenda issues and using his title of Mayor of Bloomington. Damn the press and other Aldermen for not challenging him on his lies and claims of the proposed cuts not being feasible when he never even allowed any time for review and discussion.


    1. Wasn’t it renner who as a representative of Bloomington participated in president obamas (act on climate) program which advocated the bypass of the us congress? Who is bringing national issues to Bloomington mayor?


  2. When I was in college many years ago, I had a couple of rambling professors like this. It only took me about two weeks of classes to realize what idiots they were so I dropped their classes. I moved on, I still graduated. Renner is an embarrassment to himself and the city of Bloomington.


  3. Yes, this Mayor is way out line! It was great to see Kevin weighing in for Judy amidst Renner’s harsh public attack against her. Notice the arrogance and possibly narcissist when Renner says, “that would harm my community,” Bloomington is OUR community Mayor! Unless of course Tari has formed a little dictatorship!


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