Tyranny Tari

by:  Diane Benjamin

I’m trying out a new nickname, Mayor Transparency is still good, but now he has taken a turn to the dark side.  Been working on the budget for 9 months Mayor?  Really?  Where are the meeting minutes?  It wasn’t discussed at the 2 day retreat in November, I’ve listened to every Council meeting on line – nothing more than cursory discussions until the last few weeks!  You claimed to have talked about the budget with people attending your open houses.  Really – all 10 to 20 people?  Produce the meeting minutes Mayor.  Sorry, but making up your facts isn’t going to fly.

Question Mayor:  Why did David Sage get to explain his votes before he voted?  Every other aldermen pressed a button, since Sage was on the phone, he got to  justify his vote.  Isn’t discussion over when the vote is called?

Here is last night’s video:

Watch your Mayor in action.  Aldermen can’t speak for more than 2 minutes.  Cuts can’t be discussed because they already have been.  No record of when they were discussed, but that’s his claim.

Fast forward to 44:45.  Mayor Renner calls going through the budget line by line dangerous because time is running out.  Maybe Mr. Tyranny should have discussed the budget with somebody other than himself and David Hales in those 9 months he loves to talk about.

Now fast forward to 55:40 and hear Alderwoman Stearns speak to the budget followed by Alderman Lower.  His motion to continue debate fails!

A few of the Lower-Stearns cuts are: (they have more)

  • Communication Director  $100,000
  • Flamingos  $250,000
  • Travel and food  $250,000
  • Golf path $250,000
  • Outside consultants  $1,000,000

These cuts were never discussed.  The Council voted 7-2 to not discuss them.  The potted plants rule again.  Tyranny Tari isn’t interested in cuts – only tax increases.  The rest of the Council obviously doesn’t care either.

Bloomington is being set up for more huge tax increases next year.  Look at where pension payments are headed:













Cuts can’t be discussed?  Seriously Tyranny T. and potted plants?  Are you living in a fantasy world?

Watch the whole video – figure out for yourself who cares about the future of Bloomington and who is on the Council just for prestige!

If all the tax increases proposed had passed, they wouldn’t produce the money needed in future years.  Who is telling you the truth?












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