Where is the outrage Aldermen?

by:  Diane Benjamin

The City Council had a 2 day retreat last November – the topic was Culture Change.  It was never defined, but the Council was told to have David Hales back.

Instead of discussing the budget, the City hired a lady to teach them how to all get along.  In other words, every vote from now on must by unanimous.  No descent allowed.  Representing the people in each ward isn’t as important as turning the Bloomington City Council into what Normal is, 10-30 minute meetings without more than cursory discussion.

Fast forward to a month ago, with time running out to pass a budget, City Manager David Hales and Mayor Tari Renner walk in with massive new spending, new staff, and tax increases.

The Aldermen were set up!

You were setup for tax increases without the time to really look at City spending.  2 days were wasted in November and it led to a complaint being filed by Alderwoman Stearns with the Attorney General.  The Attorney General refuses to rule because Mayor Renner told them he will release the minutes.  The minutes STILL haven’t been released.  What are you waiting for Mayor?  Scared something might be released you didn’t plan to release?  Obviously Lisa Madigan’s Public Access Office isn’t serious about holding local governments accountable.

Question to the Council members:

You knew pension funding was going to cost a lot of money, even more in the future.  You voted for the new funding plan.  Why aren’t you calling for David Hales firing for proposing 17 new employees?  Why was Hales allowed to propose plans that bury the City in more debt?  Why are only the citizens outraged?  Embarrassed yet about your vote for his raise and new contract?  

The City doesn’t have a money printing press, so where is all the money suppose to come from?  $40,000,000 – $45,000,000 more bond debt?  Amusement tax? Gas tax?

The citizens of Bloomington are not your personal piggy bank!

To the Hales supporting Aldermen:  Thank you for allowing

Mayor Renner and David Hales to run out the clock.

City elections next year!


Just in case you need more proof of people fleeing Illinois:  http://politics.rebootillinois.com/2014/01/13/editors-picks/bbergman/1713/1713/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=4/16/2014

Raise taxes and YOU are the problem!







4 thoughts on “Where is the outrage Aldermen?

  1. Hallelujah Amen!!!!!! I wonder how many of the seven clowns will read this. I’m all for helping set up, and initiate, a movement to drive everyone of the mindless Alderman up for re-election out of office at election time! To raise any type of tax at this time is the worst move they can make. If they implement a .04 gas tax, their will be a sucking sound coming out of all the gas stations off I-55/I-74. Those semis will fuel up elsewhere. Prof. Mayor PILF should stick to the classroom and preaching theory.

  2. Culture change is a big part of the United Nations Agenda 21 to form their global communities for their One World Government/New World Order. Merging cultures together in multiculturalism is a major part of Karl Marx’s Communistic idea that everything is to become one (Marxism). Though all cultures and races are different, with different ideas and ways of thinking yet they want to make the square peg fit through the round hole, so to speak. I work at the local college and many times I’ve been appalled at how “MY” culture and American Heritage is thrown under the bus as “offensive,” “intolerant” and “racist” while a foreign culture is glamorized and put on a pedestal as a better way of life. Multiculturalism is proving to be a complete failure because we can not just all hold hands and sing kumbaya, it does not work! Yet the designers and pushers behind this evil plan continues to push this failed agenda of multiculturalism. Remember how upset God became when Nimrod brought the world together to become one in Genesis 11 and they built that ignorant tower of Babel, what a complete failure because God confounded their languages and scattered them into nations. Here we are again today, doing this same thing following the devils same old bag of dirty tricks. I’ve got news for you folks, if it didn’t succeed then it will not this time either! Why does man not learn from the mistakes of the past and God’s warnings in the Word of God!

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