Rules for Tyranny Tari

by:  Diane Benjamin

Robert’s Rules of Order – Summary Version

For Fair and Orderly Meetings & Conventions

Provides common rules and procedures for deliberation and debate in order to place the whole membership on the same footing and speaking the same language. The conduct of ALL business is controlled by the general will of the whole membershipthe right of the deliberate majority to decide. Complementary is the right of at least a strong minority to require the majority to be deliberate – to act according to its considered judgment AFTER a full and fair “working through” of the issues involved. Robert’s Rules provides for constructive and democratic meetings, to help, not hinder, the business of the assembly. Under no circumstances should “undue strictness” be allowed to intimidate members or limit full participation. 


I wonder if the Mayor has read the whole book?  Considering his pass performances to limit debate (2 minutes per aldermen) I doubt it.

On the Agenda for tonight’s meeting:

B. Text Amendment to Chapter 7. Taxation regarding proposed increases to the following Utility Taxes: Gas, Water, Telecommunication, Electric, and Municipal Gas Use Tax. (Recommend that the Text Amendment be
approved, the Ordinance passed, and authorize the City Manager to enter into any agreements to collect the corresponding taxes.) (20 minutes)

C. Mayoral Veto Message and Veto of Specific Appropriations from Budget and Appropriation Ordinance Fiscal Year Ending April 30, 2015. (5 minutes)

D. Consideration of Veto and Action on Potential Veto Override. (20 minutes)

E. Discussion of FY 2016 Budget Priorities. (30 minutes)

First Mayor Renner and City manager David Hales want a re-vote on Utility Taxes.  Defeating it once wasn’t enough.  Next a Veto is scheduled to the cuts because they don’t think the Utility Tax increase is going to pass.  Blackmail Tari?  Or, is this for entertainment value?

The Mayor is going to veto cuts.  Makes perfect sense if you are trying to balance a budget.  I’m sure that logic is crystal clear.  (It’s not to me – maybe a reader can explain how a veto to CUTS decreases spending?)

Save the story about funding pensions Tari, you’ve said it too many times already.  Pension funding is a normal course of business – why do you insist on NOT paying pensions from the General Fund?  The only reason is to continue spending on non-essential items and Tari wants more taxes.

How much is that project with the International City Managers Association costing Tari?

Is that why Administration costs have skyrocketed?  Maybe tonight somebody will finally get an answer, I’m not holding my breath though.

At the last meeting the Mayor tried a veto – it was ruled illegal.  I wonder what tonight will bring?  Bribery? Blackmail?  Coercion?

This is going to be fun.

Watch it live here at 7:00 pm:

Since severe weather is predicted, the proceedings could be cancelled or suspended.  A budget did pass, so the May 1st deadline isn’t the problem.  Mayor Tyranny just wants a re-do.

At least after the Utility Tax vote, and a veto speech, the Council can finally get down to talking cuts to balance the budget, not more taxes.

Think of the best show you’ve ever watched.  Tonight’s meeting will beat it!  Who is going to be the first to say something REALLY stupid?  I will probably be posting during the meeting.







One thought on “Rules for Tyranny Tari

  1. My money is Mayor PILF making the first stupid comment. The entire City Council should be highly offended that Renner through Hales, ignored the defeat of the utility tax and has positioned himself to have the most time tonight. If I was on the City Council, I’d walk out.


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