City Council Live

by:  Diane Benjamin

Renner:  I have to spend so much time, capital etc just keeping the doors open.  100 non-union employees hadn’t been evaluated.  Union contracts on hold for 2 years.  Bold pension policy.  (Same story different day)  Renner is saying everything again he has already said in the past.  Raise taxes now – it’s been 5 years.

Is it even legal for the chair to go on an extended diatribe?

At least he is promising to go line by line for 2016 – starting tomorrow.

Did the Mayor just threaten the Council?  Pass the Utility Tax or a veto – don’t pass it and I will.


Fruin – voting NO.  Cuts haven’t been extensively looked at

Fazzini – repeating his speech about deferred maintenance, yes he is correct but immaterial at this point since there is no way to catch up now without massive taxes or borrowing.  He’s voting YES, then wants to borrow more.  Notify Moody’s  (Fazzini looks like the 5th vote – congrats Bloomington, another tax increase)

Black – Sounds like another YES vote.  He doesn’t want to burden the future generations, just you now

Schmidt – disappointed no talk of cuts, she would rather raise property taxes.  Changed her vote to Yes

Painter – voting YES.  Cuts not possible, they have to pay the bills.   (Actually she is for YOU paying the bills)

Stearns – Called Point of Order – The vote proposed is forced by the Mayor under duress.   “If I vote NO, I’m asking Mayor to go ahead and veto”  The parliamentarian isn’t buying it.  “Bloomington has a spending not, not a revenue problem.”  Renner is trying to cut her off, she proceeding anyway.

Mwilambwe – No clear consensus, so he is voting YES.  “Can’t make cuts to lose the soul of Bloomington.”  He keeps talking about parks, who is talking about cutting parks?  (With 3 new taxes is it still going to be a great place to raise kids)

Sage – Voting YES because it funds pensions.

Lower – Pension funding shouldn’t be taxing for a need.  Cuts haven’t been discussed.  Separate wants from needs.  Arguing over pensions is ridiculous when funding flamingos.

You just got another tax Bloomington!

The Council thinks they are doing the admirable thing.  They have failed to realize the State can not fund their pensions.  The City of Chicago can not fund their pensions.  The current pensions system will not last 30 years.  Springfield will change the pension system because they will be forced to.  Meanwhile, the citizens of Bloomington will be taxed to death in an attempt to fund the impossible.





6 thoughts on “City Council Live

  1. I don’t get it. City Manager David Hales was just talking about the GREAT RECOVERY less than a year ago. What is the problem? How has the genius of Mr. Hales let us get in such a financial o-rang-a-tang? How is this possible? Didn’t we just pay this financial wizard a big raise because he is that good? Why all the tax raising is Hales is so good? On a good note however is that this meeting, this vote will be used appropriately by those up and comers who are choosing to run against the incompetent incumbents. The people don’t like taxes and you folks are now going to hear that loud and clear.

  2. Most people move to new communities due to being able to find a job. State Farm we all know is moving, construction is way down, etc. Now that Bloomington is rated 151 in the nation as most expensive to live and more new taxes taking effect, I predict that the move out rate will be greater than the move in rate. Most of city council is completely clueless and Renner is joyfully riding the high speed train (about to) wreck.

  3. Mayor Renner’s behavior tonight was childish and unbecoming of a leader. He was falsely accusing people who disagree with him of simply acting on ideology while he himself acted on ideology in long embarassing rants attacking Alderman who dare represent the citizens and who refuse to participate in “Group Think.” Did I miss something? Why in the world was Renner ranting about gay marriage?

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