More on Renner’s Outrageous attack

by:  Diane Benjamin

Maybe Mayor Renner thought he could take Alderwoman Stearns out last night because the media has given him very little push back.  It was irresponsible for Cities 92.9 to run Renners degrading comments about Stearns and StarCom for 2 days without fact-checking the Mayor.  After all, he is a well documented liar.  Alderwoman Stearns conveyed where her information came from last night and Alderman Lower then validated why her proposed cuts were legitimate.  Is Cities 92.9 going to run an apology?  You aired propaganda for the Mayor on almost every newscast for 2 days!  The media needs to quit calling this incident a heated discussion.  It was not.  It was a vicious attack by a sitting Mayor!

I hope this explains why there is very little real news in Bloomington-Normal.  The media relies on elected officials to tell you the truth.  The elected have a vested interest in deceit.  If you want the truth, news must be obtained from City employees just trying to do a good job. gets news from them, not the chief City liars.

Jim Fruin:  You wanted a Code of Conduct.  Did Renner violate what you were proposing last night?  Obviously YES, but the real question is why did you just sit there?

Rob Fazzini, didn’t you want the Code of Conduct too?  Aren’t you the one who wants everybody to just get along?  You just sat there too.

What about the rest of you?  Evidently you thought Mayor Renner had every right to personally attack Stearns, otherwise you would have stopped him a lot sooner.  Renner thought any cuts were out of the questions and he made sure they were never discussed.  The Council potted plants allowed Renner to succeed in passing 3 new taxes. The pots sat by while Renner attacked, they are therefore complicit in Renner’s attacks.

Below is just the video of just Renner’s outrageous behavior.  He has NEVER asked Stearns to explain her positions.  It’s obviously easier to attack than have a discussion.  Anybody who thinks Alderwoman Stearns didn’t do her homework doesn’t know Alderwoman Stearns.  Unlike the potted plants, she takes her job of Alderman very seriously.  Later, Stearns had a more than gracious speech to the Council.  I will clip it and post later.





7 thoughts on “More on Renner’s Outrageous attack

  1. We are no longer living under a representative government. Those who are supposed to be taking their orders from us have forgotten their place, turned against the American people, and hijacked their republic. The servants now dictate terms to the rulers, and it is open season on liberty-minded individuals. We are at war with a rogue government, whether ya’ll are willing to realize/acknowledge it or not.

  2. I’m right with you Ken! congrats to Judy for rising above and being the pro that she is !! Kevin Lower is the only one who had her back. We really need to organize to help defeat every Aldermen up for re-election. Unless we collectively do something, more of this is to come. Also, we can not depend on the local press, and I’ll ask everyone to donate what you can to the BLN News. Their funding comes from voluntary donations. go to the top of the page- right corner and donate. I do. We need this news source because we damn sure don’t have one here in the Twin Cities.

  3. It is clear that the city mayor has decided to rely on bully tactics to run his agenda through. This was totally out of line. Very disappointed that the other council members sat silent on this maneuver. It sounds like Stearns did her homework and he did not!

  4. I was on the radio committee when Bloomington opted out. It has cost the citizens of Bloomington a lot of money to go rogue and continuing to defend this action is not proper. While I am of a different party than the Mayor I think he is doing the very best he can with the division that is apparent and the fiscal mess many municipalities have. I wish the council would have provided funding for their mandatory pension fix and then we would not be in the situation we are in to begin with. Keep working-there is much to do and we can all help by showing some support.

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