Some people will fall for anything

By: Diane Benjamin

Did the Town vote to work with shysters last night? Before proceeding Normal needs to do some due diligence!

The driving factor in moving forward with the outdoor National Fitness Campaign was the company is a non-profit. RINO Republican Scott Preston voted yes, Kathleen Lorenz voted no., Karyn Smith didn’t bother to show up and no explanation for her absence was given. Kevin McCarthy did not recuse himself, more on that later.

The American National Red Cross is a non-profit too. In 2020 this is what they paid their top executives:

Non-profit doesn’t mean nobody profits!

The documents in the packet say the National Fitness Campaign started in San Francisco. A search for their non-profit status in California revealed the below. I could not locate anything under variations of their name. See the note at the bottom: No related documents.

Search for yourself here:

From the Founding Documents Link on this document:

Same guy as listed on the National Fitness Campaign website:

A National IRS search found the same information, non profit status has not been reinstated:

Search the IRS website here:

If Town of Normal Trustees continue to believe whatever they are told, they will continue to prove they work for the Town – not citizens.

6 thoughts on “Some people will fall for anything

  1. The outdoor fitness park will be most used by Path Performance Fitness Training who meets at Koos’s bike/shoe shop and at Rosa Park. Guess who owns Path Performance fitness training?…wait for it….wait for it… fitness trainer for hire….Councilman Kevin McCarthy!

    Follow the money. You know it is corrupt when the money trail leads directly to the politician who voted for it.

    BTW…Carden Park has an outdoor fitness area. I can see it from my window. No one ever uses it except rarely a few elementary kids at recess. It is the first picture on the park’s website.

  2. “Fall for anything” is being generous at best. These thieves know exactly what they’re doing, the conflicts are glaringly apparent. To them, stealing from taxpayers for their self enrichment is perfectly allowable, it happens over and over again, especially in a town populated by so many who live extremely comfortably off taxpayer-extorted paychecks and pensions.

  3. Need to photoshop a pic of Koos in an orange jumpsuit, caption “I profit from your taxes” make little stickers and post them all over the town. Similar to those Biden “I did that” stickers.

  4. The State of California has that guy’s name misspelled. It’s Mis Manage. Will fit right in with the “professional” staff.

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