Unit 5 lacks transparency

By: Diane Benjamin

Unit 5 has had a Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) since 1948. https://www.unit5.org/Page/265

That link has a list of who the citizens are. What it lacks is what they have done!

Click here:

Gee, I expected to see Agendas and Minutes. Silly me.

The only information available is when they met:

Did they tell the School Board to close the schools? Transparent?

The 2022 meeting schedule isn’t available.

I found the video below by accident. It has interviews with both the Unit 5 and District 87 School Board presidents as well as Dr. Weikle from Unit 5 and Dr. Wolf from District 87. It is obvious the School Board presidents believe they should be cheerleaders for the Superintendent and teachers. They don’t want to be involved in day-to-day operations like what is actually being taught.

When I started watching it only had 10 views, more people might have watched it live but there are no comments.

Both School Board presidents provided their backgrounds starting around 10:30. Spending ESSER funds is discussed around 35:00. The video probably has insights you will find new.

The video was created on November 7, 2021 – before a new Superintendent was hired for District 87.

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