By:  Diane Benjamin

Does anybody read the City Code?  Do you know elected officials who might be benefitting “indirectly” from the Giebelhausen fleecing?

Chapter 16 : Section 57A : City Officers Not to Have Interest in Municipal Contracts.

No officer of the City shall be interested, directly or indirectly, in any contract made and entered into under the provisions of this Article in any manner which is prohibited by state law. For the purposes of this Section, “officer” shall include all elected officials of the City of Bloomington, the City Manager, the Assistant City Manager, all department heads of the City of Bloomington, and the assistant directors or deputies of all departments of the City, including the City Engineer, the Water Resources Manager, the Superintendent of Streets and Sewers, the Superintendent of Refuse and the Superintendent of Equipment Maintenance. (Ordinance No. 1992-128)


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