Be happy you don’t live here!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Mayors indoctrinated to believe a city’s future is downtown have popped up all over the country.  Where do you think Tari was trained?

See this article

It’s short, not reading it is not an option!

Don’t miss the end.


8 thoughts on “Be happy you don’t live here!

  1. What we are seeing are cities in dire economic times where they have over spent, burdened by expenses, i.e. pensions. To bail themselves out they think they can create a local economy.


  2. Okay the Hales crew has proven without a doubt that they cannot effectively manage the coliseum, the cultural center, the infrastructure, the public works dept., etc., yet they want more money to initiate and manage more projects. No wonder Bend, Oregon sent him packing. This is bad management, period!


    1. I like the comment someone posted on the bird cage liner website. They thought downtown moved to the east side years ago and now city hall doesn’t want to be surrounded by a slum.


  3. Is this the Salina (Kansas) that is referenced in the article? The description sounds similar to Bloomington. As a matter of fact, the guest speaker at the May 18 joint working meeting with Normal, Bloomington and McLean County used a city in Kansas as a comparable example of economic development. (yes, I went to the meeting because I didn’t want an edited version of the presentation)

    Bloomington did play it’s hand with East side development, which has put a tremendous strain on infrastructure. The only thing downtown Bloomington has going for it is its history. If all those outsiders want to come here to bulldoze buildings in the historic downtown district, there will truly be nothing worthwhile left.


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